Super J-Cup Tournament Adds Three More, Including a Huge Draw from the 00’s

We now know the next three entrants into the Super-J Cup Tournament.  Joining IMPACT’s TJP, CMLL’s Dragon Lee and NJPW’s SHO will be NJPW’s Ryusuke Taguchi and Taiji Ishimori as well as CMLL’s Caristico.

Taguchi is one of the more liked and popular baby faces on the NJPW card, so it’s no surprise he’s making the trek to the West Coast to be part of the tournament.

Taiji Ishimori is one half of the NJPW Junior Heavyweight tag team champions alongside fellow Bullet Club member El Phantasmo.  Ishimori is also only a few months removed as his reign of Junior-Heavyweight Champion of NJPW.  His involvement adds one of the more touted Juniors in the division.

Yet, the big ‘get’ here is CMLL’s Caristico.  Don’t recognize the name? Well this is because in the WWE he was known as the original Sin Cara and before then he was known as Mistico in CMLL during his first stint.  The former CMLL Welterweight Champion is trying to re-build his brand still after the disaster trip to the WWE destroyed all of his credibility.  Once the biggest draw in Mexico, now he’s fighting for the lime light again against the likes of Mistico II, Dragon Lee and other top light-weights in the promotion.  A win over in the Super-J cup could help bring him back.


It’s also worth nothing that Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger will be wrestling at all three events, just not in the tournament.

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