Marvel Does Something Right By Being Shocking and More Nerd News

I don’t praise Marvel or anything Disney related that often because of their cash-grab attempt at all things sacred in the nerd-realm.  Yet, props were props are due.  This morning the world woke up to a shocking surprise – a brand new Avengers: Endgame trailer debuted.

The trailer featured some really stoic black, white and red shots of previous films, featuring the surviving Avengers essentially seeing the reasons for their strengths and weaknesses.  The scope then switches to some weird white-outer space suits, and eventually a really hammy scene with Thor and Captain Marvel.  Thor calls for his dumb hammer/ax and Marvel doesn’t move as it whooshes by her head.

Much Calm. So Strength.

The whole scene was supposed to make her look strong and unafraid but as anyone will tell you; fear is good.  Fear gives you a reason to fight, it allows you to go beyond that limit you’ve set on yourself.  So Captain Marvel is going to be Ballerina Badass over here, and this film just got so much more pretentious.  I thought that was Thor’s job anyway?


In Other News…

Sony found itself in a nifty little rumor mill yesterday as alleged reports speculated that the video game juggernaut was about to by Take-Two Interactive; home of Rockstar Games and 2K Sports.  The asking price was apparently $13.7 billion dollars and was about to be agreed upon except for one, teeny, itty bitty, inconsequential detail; Take-Two wasn’t for sale.   The rumor appeared to be just that, a rumor, as a Sony spokesman told VentureBeat that;

….(They don’t)….know where the rumor is coming from, but there is no such plan.

This didn’t hurt Take-Two at all, who’s stock climbed five percent yesterday.   Thankfully, the

Valiant Comics is rebooting several major series ahead of the Vin Diesel-lead Bloodshot film launching in February.  The brand is rebooting X-O Manowar and now Bloodshot, with the latter getting its facelift in September.    Tom Seely will write the new series whlie Brett Booth will handle the art.   The book will get a appetizer on Free Comic Book Day.

Quick Hits – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson released the first official image of the Jumanji sequel via his Instagram.  The folks at Marvel Comic have now made Conan the Barbarian a full-fledged member of the Marvel Universe.  Rupert Wyatt revealed that he left the Halo Showtime series over differences of how fast the show should progress into production.