NXT Star Getting Called Up, Hogan Responds to Velveteen’s TakeOver Outfit and More!

At Survivor Series last night, Team RAW was supposed to sweep Team SmackDown in order to build up to a huge feud and heel turn involving Shane McMahon and The Miz.  According to Dave Meltzer however the plan was to include the disregarded pre-show match which saw Team SmackDown beat Team RAW.  Something went screwy and the SmackDown team ended up winning by accident.  This lead to the WWE dismissing the results of the pre-show.

Meltzer also noted that Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey’s match ended the way it did to get Flair back over with some heat.  Meltzer believes it’s possible that the WWE puts Flair, Rousey and Becky Lynch into a triple threat match at the event, though that’s merely an opinion.  Meltzer did state that the hope was to get Flair back over, as the WWE wanted to have three top women.

Velveteen Dream showed up to NXT Takeover: War Games II last night wearing ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan’s old gear; or a version of it. Instead of an nWo shirt, his shirt said oVa.  Other than that he had a black and white feather boa, a Hollywood headband, Hollywood Hogan inspired tights and even leather gloves like Hogan had.  Pretty solid stuff.

Hogan, who was fired a few years back for racially charged comments he made in his ex-friend’s martial bed, tweeted at the young, black, up and comer with gratitude.


As seen last night, Lars Sullivan was announced to be joining the WWE roster, but the brand that he’ll debut on is anyone’s guess.


Sullivan, Braun Strowman and Finn Balor were all signed and sent to NXT around the same time.  So this means the third of the unofficial trio gets to join his class on the main show finally.

Hiroki Goto and Kota Ibushi has finally agreed to terms on a NEVER Openweight Title.  While it had been rumored to be on the January 4th Dome Show, otherwise known as Wrestle Kingdom, but it won’t; otherwise instead it’ll be on December 9th at the Iwate Industrial Cultural Center in Japan.  This date coincides with the finals of the World Tag League tournament.

Good news for Bellator, as Monster Energy has agreed to extend their partnership for another three years.   Monster is a major player for Bellator, and their advertising dollars are certainly valuable, so this is fantastic news for the growth of their company.