Enzo Amaore is a Mess

So let’s start with the fact that the former Simon Gotch hates him.  He’s not alone.  In his time with the WWE, he was kicked off buses, got into fights backstage, ended a longtime friendship with Cass, was accused of rape and was an all around despised dude.

Since leaving the WWE?  Oh sit down, because this weekend is like nothing else.

First he was kicked off of a plane for not only vaping, but for disrespecting and ignoring the flight attendants.  He was escorted off the plane and denied he did anything wrong. Ok, Enzo.  Ok.

Then Enzo released a new song about former girlfriend Liv Morgan.  Whatever, right?  Enzo’s looking for attention and hes looking to drag her through the mud.  Though, Liv, the fuck did you ever see in him?

Photo courtesy of @TheOtherMarioC on Twitter

And now tonight, Enzo Amore showed up to Survivor Series.  Yup.  WrestleZone got in contact with someone at the event by the Twitter handle of @carrie_palacios, and she had a unique description of Enzo.  Apparently he stumbled over and sat down in a seat opposite the hard camera side.

He the stood up in his seat before being yanked out of it and escorted elsewhere.



It get seven weirder.  Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer reports that Enzo was in the Staples Center with the LAPD and Staples Center security, where he was formally banned “…from returning.”  Since he technically didn’t do anything illegal, I assume it’s only a ban from the show.   Alvarez also claims the security guard who yanked Enzo from his seat is the same woman who stopped Rob Gronkowski from getting in the ring for a planned spot at WrestleMania a few years ago.

You go girl.

While some fans were excited to see him and even chanted along with him, it’s noteworthy to point out he was booed heavily when he stood up, cheered when he was ejected and numerous eye witnesses claim that he knocked over food, drinks and various items from people’s hands as he was thrown out.  All the while after he “retired” from wrestling this year.

Go away, Enzo. You’re broken.