Will There Be a Season 5 of Lucha Underground?

Lucha Underground in Doubt? – Well, this was expected news. While I may have fallen off the fandom after the third season’s insufferable Cueto Cup, Marcus assures me that season four has gotten back to form. Yet, that doesn’t mean that we’re getting a fifth season of the outlandish and out-there promotion.

Speaking with Masks, Mats and Mayhem, Lucha Underground Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenen spoke out about the chances of a fifth season and essentially stated that it wouldn’t be likely if they had to do it similarly to how they did in season four. He’s quoted as saying;

I don’t know anything about season 5. Those conversations usually happen a month or so after we go off the air. We survive as El Rey survives. We need them to be a success and be able to afford to do the show. We reached the tipping point budget wise. We’ve gone as low as we can go. I don’t know if we would try and replicate the business model of season 4 again. So it becomes a question of, can we do season 5 without it being cheaper and faster and all the other things? Season 5, if we do it, will be a major reboot. Cast-wise, on a lot of levels we’ll be looking to reboot season 5.

Van Wagenen did claim though that MGM, their production company is very happy with the show, thus providing a ray of hope into the outfit’s chance at a fifth season, saying;

MGM is still really…they’re still very happy with it and want to keep doing it. There are discussions going on at MGM about additional lucha libre related programming and IP. I don’t think it’s going away, I just don’t think it’s going to sit in this survival mode. Maybe we look at taking on another partner that brings something different. Nobody is saying ‘it’s dead.’ There’s just not a huge hustle to get it on the air right now. That’s normal. That always happens. Once we’re off the air, and El Rey starts to miss us, then the talks pick up in earnest.

The one thing you should take away from Van Wagenen is that this isn’t a job to him, it’s a passion project. When people are doing something more for the labor of love than anything, then you will see some amazing things happen. They’re certainly optimistic there will be a fifth season, so why not