News On ‘Vampire Hunter D’ Series, First Possible Look At Diesel as Bloodshot and More! – ComicCorp News

Vampire Hunt D Update – The fans of the iconic Vampire Hunter D anime is in store for some good news, as new anime series writer Brandon Easton updated fans on a pilot he’s writing.  The series will be an American adaptation, which will surely not be met with scores of angry fans upset at it for existing on the sole premise that they can’t handle change.  It’s rumored to be a CGI property but who knows at this point, since this is three years in the making (at least.)

Valiant Reveals First Look at New Bloodshot – Bloodshot is an iconic character in the Valiant universe.  He’s been portrayed by Jason David Frank in the Bat in the Sun produced internet series, and is known for his iconic flaptop hair.  Well, no more.  With Vin Diesel seeking to raise the brands appeal, he’ll take his turn as the iconic character sans hair.  We know this thanks to Valiant producing a variant, signed cover for Game4Paul, a charity for the late Paul Walker, whom Diesel was close with.  The art is by Lewis LaRosa and is the cover for Bloodshot Salvation #12.  The cover can be bought in stores locally but it won’t be signed by Diesel.  As you can see, the character is clearly remodeled to look like Diesel.

Quick Hits – For those of you that like Halloween and horror films, MeTV and it’s sister stations will be airing holiday themed movies throughout the end of the month and you can find what’s airing when here.  Brie Larson has taken to Twitter to deny rumors that she’s signed a seven picture deal to play Captain Marvel with Disney and Marvel Studios.