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Neville is Back – By now you’ve heard and damn, did it break the (wrestling) internet.  Neville, now going by his pre-WWE name PAC has returned to wrestling.    He made a surprise appearance at the Dragon Gate event Gate of Victory and joined the R.E.D. faction.  He wrestled mainly with Dragon Gate from 2007 to his signing with the WWE in 2012 and really could be considered a “Dragon Gate Guy”, having wrestled at least 430 matches for the promotion.

He teamed with Eita and the duo defeated mainstays BxB Hulk and Shingo Takagi.

Bullet Club Member Rejects the WWE – The War for the Soul of Wrestling has officially begun.  While it makes a lot of sense to believe that Cody Rhodes isn’t returning to the WWE ever again (any time soon anyway), it leaves doubt for the others.  Kenny Omega and Rhodes have both expressed a desire to be free and on their own and they’re both making more money than ninety-eight percent of WWE wrestlers.   But what about the others?  Well, the Young Bucks appear to be, at the very least, uncommitted right now to ‘The Cause’ of saving wrestling and may even entertain a WWE offer.

But the biggest name of the Bullet Club with the lowest clout has to be Hangman Page.  He’s elevated past the Bad Luck Fale’s, and Chase Owens’ of the club but he’s not in the top four tier with the Bucks, Cody and Kenny.  So the idea that he’d want a massive pay day does exist but according to Dave Meltzer, the WWE is not in his future.  Meltzer reported that the WWE offered him a deal and were turned down.  Page even made reference to the fact that a man named “H” sent him boots (I assume of the cowboy kind, since that’s Pages thing), and a letter that note that said “If you want to be an assassin, be more cerebral”.

Well, call this a silenced hit then.  The facts are, there’s no need for top indy guys to ever go to the WWE again in today’s landscape.  They have more freedom to raise their profile, more freedom to take outside projects and have more power to get paid.  Looking back at how the WWE has treated other Club members like Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows; who would blame the Bullet Club from avoiding the WWE like the plague.

WWN Championship News – Joey Janela has been stripped of the WWN Championship after an injury to his knee will sideline him for a several months.  A tournament will be held October 28th to determine a new champion.   The press release is below;

We know we’ve been on the down low lately in public, but big things are happening for the future of WWN behind-the-scenes. This is the quiet before the storm. We are back today with some major news. Let’s get to it….
October 2nd: WWN Champion Joey Janela suffered a major knee injury and will be on the sidelines for several months. Regretfully, WWN officials have no choice but to strip Janela of the WWN Championship. We wish Joey a full and quick recovery. We will welcome him back whenever he is ready.
October 2nd: EVOLVE will return to The Orpheum in Ybor City, FL on October 28th. This show will feature a tournament to crown the new WWN Champion. We will have full details by next week. Tickets will be on sale at soon.
NWA Title News – In other title news, the National Wrestling Alliance is holding their 70th Anniversary show on FiteTV and will feature the crowing of the new NWA National Champion.  News broke yesterday in time to include it in that post, but due to the fact not all talent had been announced it got floated.  Today, we have all eight names and it’s a loaded field.
The NWA will have Willie Mack, Ricky Starks, Sam Shaw, Sammy Guevara, Mike Parrow, Scorpio Sky, Jay Bradley and Colt Cabana compete for the belt.  The tournament will be held in two stages, with the first being a four corners elimination match, and the second stage will see the two survivors of those elimination matches face off for the belt later that night.
Joining them in title matches will be Jazz, who is currently the NWA Women’s Champion, though she’s been largely inactive as a champion since Corgan purchased the company.  Jazz has gained steamed as of late, re-emerging as a big way as champion and making declarations like wanting to go to IMPACT, a move I fully support.  Jazz has never been allowed to sign as the center piece in her tenured career and I hope Billy Corgan allows her to be the vocal point of the women’s brand.
They of course will join Cody Rhodes defending his NWA Worlds Championship against Nick Aldis in a Two out of Three Falls Match.
Quick Hits – According to Mike Johnson, Rey Mysterio is currently looking at a October 16th return to the WWE for the 1,000th episode of SmackDown; which will also see the reunion of Evolution.  PWInsider is also reporting that the WWE is thinking of making major changes to the WWE Network in 2019, though what those are is anyone’s guess right now.  Alberto El Patron is set to return to MMA for his Combate America’s promotion in 2019 in Mexico City.  Um, is the president of the promotion allowed to book fights that he’s in?