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Top Indy Talent Banned From Entering The U.S. – I don’t even feel bad about this story, just super annoyed.  Nicole Matthews has been banned from entering the country for five years due to trying to cross the boarder from Canada without a passport or visa; this according to Dave Meltzer. She was apparently trying to work an indy show in the States when the Border Patrol stopped her.  She has since tweeted out the following message in response to the ban;


The annoying thing about all this, it’s not like this is a new thing that can happen to you.  Matthews has no one but herself to blame, considering ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey was caught trying to enter illegally in 2016 and was served with a five year ban as well.  The only difference here is, Speedball will 31 when he’s allowed to compete again stateside, Matthews will be pushing 37.  She has no one but herself to blame for this, especially considering she had an active passport/visa; as she just finished working for the WWE a month and a half ago in Orlando.  Speedball (allegedly) didn’t.

Fortunately for her, and for Speedball, IMPACT is now located in Canada and there are more outlets than ever outside of the U.S. to hone their crafts.  The border is nothing to fuck with people.

Cody Rhodes News –  Cody spoke with the NWA in their most recent video and commented on the idea of another All In event.  Cody goes on to say;

There is a question of whether we do it again.  And the best answer I can give you is, it could have been a great night of matches at Chicago, sure, that’s all it could have been. But it felt like more, it felt like a revolution. Revolutions aren’t just one night.

My working theory for why he hasn’t confirmed a second All in as of right now, is to wait and see who sticks around and who jumps to the WWE after their contracts officially expire.  I could be wrong, it is just a theory.

In other Cody Rhodes news, Cody confirmed that he can use his ‘Rhodes’ name anytime he wants for bookings, but is opting not to.


Alberto El Patron Takes Dig at Paige – Class was only something Alberto El Patron pretended to have during his initial debut with the WWE as Alberto Del Rio.  While I’m not fan of Paige, El Patron took an unnecessary set of digs at his former paramour  on Instagram after a photo was posted featuring Patron, several other luchadores and his new girlfriend.  The offending comments can be seen below.




Eddie Edwards Book Coming –  Eddie Edwards is publishing a book with DC Comic artist Mark Poulton about his life.  The book is called Anything is Possible: The Eddie Edwards Story and Edwards is being credited by his real name, Eric Maher as a co-writer for the book.  The press release and cover of the book are below, and for those interested in purchasing, you can pre-order it now.

Pro Wrestler Tags DC Comics Artist to Show Kids Anything is Possible

New York, NY, September 27, 2018 –  With as much impact as his signature move, the Boston Knee Party, “Anything Is Possible: The Eddie Edwards Story” takes fans of all ages inside the ring for an inspiring look into world champion wrestler Eric Maher, aka Impact Wrestling’s Eddie Edwards’ journey to the top of the independent wrestling scene.

Maher teams up with co-writer and DC Comics artist Mark Poulton to deliver highlights from his incredible career. The only man in history to win the Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and GHC World Heavyweight Championships—professional wrestling’s triple crown, Maher recounts his days as a kid dreaming of a wrestling career, to training with the legendary Killer Kowalski, to living and training in a Japanese dojo in the footsteps of his heroes.

The world is full of underdogs, but as “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards, Eric Maher proves that with hard work and determination his mantra of “Anything Is Possible” can be true for anyone.


Eric Maher, aka Impact Wrestling’s Eddie Edwards is a professional wrestler who has held championships all over the world, most recently as the superstar known as Impact Wrestling’s “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards. He was born outside of Boston, where he still lives today. Eric has battled and overcome career-threatening injuries to win the IMPACT WRESTLING, RING OF HONOR, and GHC world heavyweight championships. As “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards, Eric Maher is the first ROH Triple Crown winner in history, and the only man to win the triple crown in both TNA & Ring of Honor. Follow Eddie on Twitter @TheEddieEdwards.

Mark Poulton is a writer/artist who has worked for DC Comics, Image Comics, and Arcana Studio.He is best known for his children’s book series, A CAT NAMED HAIKU ,which was nominated for Best Single Issue Story in the 2011 Eagle Awards.
Poulton co-wrote SAVAGE HAWKMAN for DC Comics during the New 52, and relaunched Rob Liefeld’s AVENGELYNE at Image Comics in 2011. Mark’s latest book, PIZZA TREE was co-written with his 7-year-old son, Chase and was recently nominated for BEST KIDS GRAPHIC NOVEL in the 2018 Ringo Awards. Follow Mark on Twitter @koniwaves.


Quick Hits – Ring of Honor has released their Roku app, and is currently in beta on the service.  Tessa Blanchard has officially been booked to face off with Taya Valkyrie at Bound For Glory coming up in October.  Twitter account WrestleVotes is claiming that Undertaker/Shawn Michaels is booked for Survivor Series, something no one else has heard.  In an interview with the Sporting News, Frankie Kazarian blames the fundamental lack of structure among IMPACT officials as to why the company imploded during its height.  During this weeks conference call for IMPACT Wrestling, Hall of Famer wrestler Abyss revealed that he wished The Decay angle had gone on longer than it did, and cites that it added “longevity” to him.