Daniel Bryan Re-Signs? and More! – WrestleCorp News


Daniel Bryan Re-Signed? – Firstly, it’s ‘re-signed’, not resigned.  If Bryan ‘resigned’, then he would of quit.  Secondly, Davey “All Gym All Day” Meltzer is reporting that Daniel Bryan has formally signed a new WWE contract, and is just waiting for the WWE to sign off as well.  Bryan had talked about wanting to wrestle in Japan for NJPW and in Arena Mexico for CMLL but apparently that is no longer on the cards.  There’s no word on how long the contract is for, or if it’s a long term deal.  This may of been a new deal Bryan sought after word got out the WWE was extending his deal due to the injury provision cause; something Bryan didn’t need to agree to.  It could also be a new, full time contract for multiple years.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Quick Hits – Toni Storm, who suffered an injury at the NXT UK tapings, has apparently been cleared to return to the ring for PROGRESS Wrestling.   Rey Mysterio claims to be waiting for the WWE to give him his return date.