IMPACT vs. Lucha Underground Card Possibilities

With the recent news that WrestleCon will host the first ever Lucha Underground vs. IMPACT Wrestling versus show, we can now play fantasy booker. The promotions have announced who they’re going to have at the event and the numbers make sense if you allow some IMPACT/Lucha joint talents to wrestle for the Lucha banner. Guys like Cuerno, Cage, Taya, and Callihan need to work as Lucha talent in order to get the eight matches even. Now, I know some people may expect some other matches, but I think these make the most sense when you factor in ego, styles, build in feuds, historical significance; etc. So don’t expect Pentagon Dark and Austin Aries to fight for brand supremacy as each are the companies top champions at the moment.

So let’s start with the opener.

Team Lucha Underground: (Drago/Aero Star/ Jack Evans)
Moose/Trevor Lee/Teddy Hart)
– Drago and Aero Star have been tag team partners in the past, and you could shake some things up and add Fenix to this as well, since they were a trio at time. However, that team is done and makes more sense to bring in some different talents for a more ‘one time only’ type of feeling. While Teddy Hart isn’t with the company full time, many expect him to be. This gives you the opportunity to have someone eat a loss without looking to bad. Also, Hart and Evans were part of the New Hart Foundation on the indies, so this is also a throwback.

King Cuerno vs. Alberto El Patron
– I’m not debating on where this match should be. With Patron, and a AAA backed house show, Patron headlining would make sense, and against King Cuerno, you really have a case. Cuerno just headlined the Rey de Reyes this past weekend and has a lot of support in AAA. Patron and Cuerno is a pedigree match for anyone and everyone and you could easily have Cuerno cut a few second promo calling Patron a turncoat for leaving Lucha to go to IMPACT.

Red Wedding Match
Rosemary w/ Allie vs. Taya Valkyrie

– You could easily make this a three way dance, but with the first blood match that this was supposed to be back at Bound for Glory, I’d keep it as a one vs. one. Now, would IMPACT give away the rival’s blow off match on Twitch? Considering it’s not for the title, and it would hasten the Rosemary/Su Yung feud I’m salivating for, I say why not? It gives credibility to these events on Twitch, with the notion that you can see something special at these specials each and every month. That’s how you differ them up from the One Night Only’s. Now, will it interfere with the IMPACT tapings, that’s the question. If it doesn’t, then do it. Hell, D’Amore and Callis really have been planning out storylines and bookings pretty well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they book and wrote IMPACT knowing these two would hook up at the Twitch show from WrestleCon; and then planned around that match. That’s foresight and something that was lacking during the Bischoff/Hogan/Dixie regimes.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship
Killshot/Willie Mack(c) vs. LAX(c)

– Now, this can’t be a champions vs. champions match, as technically Mack and Killshot have the Trios Championship, and LAX are a duo’s championship. Son of Havoc is the new third partner for the Trios Champs, as AR Fox isn’t returning for season four. If Havoc did make the show, you could do LAX with Homicide. However, again, that would make it a Trio’s match and negate the ability to have the IMPACT World Tag Team titles on the line. So, let’s just stick with the two on two idea, and recognize the duo as two/thirds of the Trios Champs. This match up works, as all both teams have similar styles, and work rates. While Santana is the star in the match, Mack can bring a unique style to it, while Killshot and Ortiz bring the high end calamity.

Eli Drake vs. Brian Cage
– Eli and Cage were former tag team champions in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and have a long history with one another. Both men had stints in the WWE’s developmental system and now both men are known for their modern work, with their reshaped bodies and unique personalities. The idea that these two would be two of the biggest names in the industry today is ironic and to promote and book a match between these two at such a high profile event goes again to what we said about the Knockouts match, that it adds to the prestige of the event and brings another layer of credibility to these events.

Scott Steiner promo
– Just let him talk for five to seven minutes. That’ll be must see t.v.

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards
– This parlays off of their rivalry from the last few weeks of IMPACT. They’re on a crash course for a match at IMPACT’s pay per view event in late April at Redemption in a six man tag match, so a single’s match wouldn’t give anything away. With IMPACT’s new presentation style and use of home shot promo’s interjected into the product, you could easily add the build up to this match on IMPACT, hyping it up even more so.

Pentagon and Fenix vs. oVe
– The idea is that LAX would go over the two/thirds Trio’s champ, so this is your receipt for the Lucha-crew. Pentagon and Fenix are a good tag team, and much like oVe are actually brothers too. Both teams have won numerous tag team gold across the globe, so this could be billed and booked like an all-star tag team match. With Pentagon the Lucha Underground Champion, you’re not going to have him eat a pin. Pentagon’s the star of this match obviously, and while the oVe crew would get a lot of good offense, Pentagon’s the one who has to be the victor.

IMPACT Wrestling World Championship
Matanza vs. Austin Aries
– While Aries vs. Pentagon works for many, I’m not having either company’s champion get pinned, and I’m damn sure not ending the show in a double count-out, double DQ, time limit draw bullshit. So you put Matanza, arguably the most dominant Lucha Underground star, going up against Austin Aries, the IMPACT World Champion. While pinning Matanza isn’t an easy sell, having Aries beat him is an easier sell over beating Pentagon. The match would be a cool styles clash, as even though Matanza is barely taller than Aries, he’s twice as wide and more of a power grappler than anything. So the match itself would be wholly unique and different than what we could get elsewhere. Add in the character components of Matanza and you could really have something special.

Quick Results
Six Man Challenge
Team Lucha Underground vs. Team IMPACT
– Team Lucha Underground by pinfall (Evans pins Hart)

King Cuerno vs. Alberto El Patron
– El Patron by pinfall.

Red Wedding Match
Rosemary w/ Allie vs. Taya Valkryie
– Rosemary by making Taya bleed first.

IMPACT World Tag Team Title Match
Killshot and Mack vs. LAX(c)
– LAX by pinfall.

Eli Drake vs. Brian Cage
– Cage by DQ.

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards
– Callihan by interference.

Pentagon and Fenix vs. oVe
– Pentagon via pinfall (post match sees Edwards attack oVe for interfering)

IMPACT Wrestling World Championship
Matanza vs. Aries
– Aries by pinfall.