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Dolph Ziggler May Leave WWE Soon – Two years ago we were reporting on Dolph Ziggler’s desire to leave the WWE and really give his stand up comedy career a shot. However he opted to re-sign and now he seems to be second guessing that decision. Ziggler went on Edge and Christian’s podcast and revealed some sobering thoughts about his time in the WWE, saying;

On what has become a burden;

I see the positives, like, ‘hey, man, I’ve been here for 12 years and almost always regularly on TV, but I think, at a point, that becomes a burden of not going away, of always being passed over. You’re passed over a handful of times over a couple of years then you start to have more of a cult following and it gets hot. But after a couple of years of not having the trigger pulled, and the eight year-old kids know you’re in that role, I’ve noticed in the last couple of years, even my live event matches, it’s harder for me to do my job because when I come out the 10 year-old kid goes, ‘I know you’re losing’ and I go, ‘oh crap’ because it’s one thing to have 40 year-old guys going, ‘I know what’s going to happen – that’s fine. I’m here – they put on a show and we still have fun,’ but when you get in that role and you miss, like, years of not going with it, it becomes a burden.

On What He Does That He Thinks Is Holding Him Back;

…I think I should be a bigger part of the show, but so does everybody else, but not everybody else has proven that, so I feel like after a while, proving it so much, even that becomes a thing like, ‘sorry, you have the curse of the worker’ or ‘hey, you’re kind of like our Shawn Michaels guy who can work with anybody and it could seem like a main event somewhere.’ And I go, ‘well, that shouldn’t be a bad thing, but sometimes it is.

On His Future;

I have a very short amount of time left to figure out if I want to do that again or if there’s something to reach for. All I could reach for is fun-ass matches and tearing it down on the weekends because it doesn’t seem to be a specific great prize to be reaching for here that I can attain, so I can be patted on the back and told, ‘you’re our guy – you’re our Shawn Michaels. You’re so good at this – we can’t do this without you!’ and then kind of see a bunch of guys not in that position coast right by. So there [are] no feelings hurt. It’s a show business thing where I love it and in a very short time, I will have to decide if I need to go away and do my own thing or if I need to find a different role here.

RAW Audience Drops Hard – The RAW show this week took a huge hit from hours one, to hours three; losing nearly 800,000 viewers in the process. The show itself was up by 100,000 viewers from the week before, but that doesn’t say much when you loose 800k viewers this week as opposed to 300k over the course of last week’s show. Clearly “Woken Matt” isn’t bringing the eyes to the product.

Mike Adamle Talks Having CTE – Former WWE GM and NFL player Mike Adamle is dealing with the effects of CTE, and has issues with epilepsy that are caused by bruising on his brain. When the Chicago Tribune caught up to the former GM, he was very candid with how he got through his day. The article notes he’s independent but can’t drive, and has to live his life within routines. Taking a quote or two from the article won’t due it justice, so I encourage all of you to click this sentence and check out the whole thing. It’s truly something profound.

Quick Hits – WWE releasing “WWE 24” on the Hardy’s. James Elsworth, James Storm and Earl Hebner are now all taking bookings at Bret Hart is suing his doctor for $1 million dollars after a botched hand surgery left him unable to do things like draw; something he’s been doing for years.