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Bullet Club Running Huge Show? – Sometime in 2018, Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, The Young Bucks and other Bullet Club members possibly, will be pitching together funds in order to try and sell out a 10,000 venue. This is in part due to a “challenge” of sorts that popped up a few months ago when Dave Meltzer said he didn’t think Ring of Honor could sell out a stadium type venue. The Bullet Club will now test this theory. However, it should be noted that even though the Bullet Club will work in conjunction with ROH for this event, it’s not a ROH event. Thereby confirming Melzter’s opinion.

Cody tweeted out a photo of them “scouting” for a venue. The current cities in discussion are rumored to be Chicago, San Francisco (The Cow Palace), London and Ontario (California).

The Young Bucks commented to WrestleZone, saying;

Nick: “spend it now, make more later”

Matt: “We’ve always been ambitious, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. We don’t want to just live in the world, we want to change it.”

And Cody has commented even further saying;

Opinion: The Bullet Club will more than likely borrow some of the biggest non ROH names as well, like Brian Cage I’d imagine, and others who are not part of guaranteed, exclusive deals. It should be noted that there are some who believe this is very possible; but will be financially hard to recoup funds, due to the outside talent costs, the concessions, the production and other minor expenses that quickly pile up.

ROH Lands New TV Deal – Ring of Honor has officially joined Stadium, a Sinclair owned sports channel. Stadium is a mostly free streaming and regional cable channel, that charges $4.99 a month for premium college football and basketball game match-up’s while they’re airing live. Otherwise the content is shown for free on their stream and channels. The channel also appears on Pluto TV for free, and regularly shows sporting events, and news shows. ROH is claiming that the show will air on Pluto TV’s channel 207 at 11 p.m. EST on Wednesday. They join IMPACT Wrestling as pro wrestling featured on the service.

Rey Mysterio Headlines Huge Card – Arolucha INC, the once part owners of IMPACT Wrestling in 2014-15, has announced their card or the inaugural AroLucha show. The first event will take place on December 10th, 2017 in Nashville, TN. The event will be held at the old TNA Asylum, aka the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena. Here’s the card below;

Main Event
Rey Mysterio and Pentagon (El 0M?) vs. Rush and Johnny IMPACT

Jack Evans, Maximo, and Hurricane Helms vs. Garza Jr, La Mascara, and Daga

MVP vs. Sammy Guevara

Keyra and Lacey Lane vs. Vanilla Vargas and Taya Valkyrie

Demus vs. Mascarita Dorada

Willie Mack vs. Mr. 450

Quick Hits – Wrestle Kingdom 12 is outpacing Wrestle Kingdom 11 in ticket sales and has some thinking it could be the first sell out for some time due to foreign fan involvement. Dean Ambrose and Rene Young missed RAW this week due to their honeymoon, while Sheamus was on sabbatical in Ireland which for him is a yearly tradition. TMZ is reporting that Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga have resolved their custody dispute and Otunga will now be the primary custodial of their son.