Reason Behind NXT Call Up’s, Balor Not a Top Guy and More! – WrestleCorp News

Balor Update – Justin Barrasso likes to pretend he’s a pro wrestling journalist. It’s cute. He’s claiming that Finn Balor hasn’t fallen out of favor with the company, as he never had such favor. He claims that the Balor Royal Rumble match was never on the books. This despite Dave Meltzer’s 30 years in the business of rarely ever being wrong, being the one who reported that Balor was rumored to be in said spot. Barrasso who hasn’t broken a single story…or Meltzer….HMMM….who to believe….

NXT Call Ups – Pro Wrestling Sheet is claiming that the five women were called up to RAW (2) and SmackDown (3) respectively because Vince McMahon felt the divisions were ‘stale’, despite just calling up Asuka. The shakeup also included a seventh name, Paige, who was returning from action. So with the six NXT call up’s in the last month, and now Paige, I’d say they’re plenty shook. Way to not flood the rosters or anything.

Opinion: Maybe the divisions wouldn’t be stale six months after a swap if you did more than just book rematches for thirty straight fucking shows.

Quick Hits – Shawn Michaels and Becky Lynch to star in “The Marine 6: Close Quarters”. Hideo Itami has been called up to 205Live. Brooklyn Brawler has released an autobiography, and it’s sold less copies than Brawler won matches.