WWE Not High on Balor? Major Match Moved and More! – WrestleCorp News

Finn Balor/WWE Update – Kiss that rematch so long. According to Dave Meltzer, the WWE has nixed the Royal Rumble main event that would of seen Finn Balor get his 18 month rematch finally for the WWE Universal Championship. Vince McMahon reportedly feels that Balor just isn’t over enough to warrant a shot at Brock Lesnar.

Opinion: Some fans may disagree with me, but I’m agreeing with that opinion. The fact is Balor isn’t that charismatic, and isn’t a huge merch seller. His best role right now would be to go to 205Live and dominate the brand, and bring some real excitement to it, the way Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio did for the Cruiserweights in WCW.

Major Match Rescheduled – As of right now the WWE has nixed tonight’s WWE World Heavyweight rematch between Jinder Mahal and AJ Styles, and is apparently set to have it go down at Clash of the Champions instead. With the change in dates, moving from today, to December 17th, it seems unlikely that Mahal would win the title back. The only reason for him to have the belt was to face off with HHH in India. With the show being on the 8th, a full week prior to Clash of the Champions, it no longer makes sense to put it back on Mahal, considering how poorly received his time as champion was.

RAW Ratings – RAW’s ratings this week drew 3.074, up about 1.4% from last week’s 3.031. Not a huge increase but the fact they were able to keep the number where it was over a lack luster main event at Survivor Series is impressive to a degree.

New WWE Show Coming? – Take it for what’s worth, it is the Pro Wrestling Sheet, but they’re reporting that the WWE is in talks to work with Facebook to bring a show to that platform. The idea would be that it’d air after SmackDown and would feature wrestlers from RAW and SmackDown wrestling one another. So that would mean that 205Live, which is doing well live right now, would be taped prior. Sure, makes sense. A working commodity for an unknown property. Genius.

Quick Hits – The WWE took the Intercontinental belt off of The Miz in order for him to film the next “Marine” film. Corey Graves and Vince Russo got into a Twitter spat earlier today; and it went about as well as you think it would.