“Top” WWE Star Released, Did Jericho Talk with WWE About Cruise and More! – WrestleCorp News

Top Star Released – You can argue it anyway you want but James Ellsworth beat AJ Styles and won the Money in the Bank briefcase; that to me makes him a top star. Sarcasm aside, it does feel a bit of a slap in the face after he spent the last few months being humiliated by the Women’s division on SmackDown, only be released days before he was set to work Survivor Series. Is he a talent? No. But he’ll get a nice grouping of pay days going forward thanks to the indies. Still, after all he did he could of been given a better finish.

Heath Slater Talks 3MB – Heath Slater right now is the only member of the 3MB that hasn’t had a major singles push. Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal both won world championships since their 3MB days, and McIntyre is currently the NXT Champion. Slater, for his credit, did win the SmackDown tag team titles last year with Rhyno. When asked about how close he is with his former band mates, Slater had the following to say;

We text each other here and there but it’s not like we talk to each other everyday. Every time we talk, we just pick up and leave off like we never stopped talking, that type of deal. We were on the road together for two years straight, and I love them all to death. Drew is back and Jinder is back killing it still. I’m sure something will happen where he will get another shot. It’s just one of those things where I am happy for them. I’m genuinely happy for them.

Jericho Talks the Jeri-Cruise – Chris Jericho has been very outspoken in recent weeks. He’s lauding his match with Kenny Omega, and defending why it’s better that it’s happening at Wrestle Kingdom and not WrestleMania. Which I’m sure can’t make the WWE happy. Now he’s outing the WWE’s lack of interest in supporting his cruise idea, and he’s not being especially kind about it. When talking with Lance Storm and Don Callis, Jericho revealed that the WWE wasted his time on purpose, and gave him b.s. answers about the cruise. He’s quoted as saying;

Here’s the thing. I did my due diligence. Obviously, I was working for WWE at the time. I took it to Triple H. I wanted to see if NXT would do it and to see if they’d be interested in doing that. We had some conversations, and, basically, typically WWE, after three months of talking about it, I had a 35-minute conversation with three executives that I’ve never heard of before just to tell us that they’re passing. And I was like, ‘why didn’t you just tell me in, like, three minutes, ‘we’re passing?” I had to sit there for 35 minutes and hear all the reasons why: I mean, Vince doesn’t like doing cruises; he saw somebody got food poisoning on the cruise once and now he’s terrified that the whole crew ship was going to be poisoned. I was like, ‘is he scared that we’re going to hit an iceberg as well as we go to Mexico?’

Quick Hits – WWE claims they generated $181.5 million dollars for Orlando through WrestleMania weekend. Cody Rhodes will continue his feud with Christopher Daniels in an Texas Deathmatch in Dallas on November 18th.