IMPACT Shutting Down Nashville Branch? “Nightwing” Actor Set of Movie? – W.C./C.C. Super News Posting

IMPACT Moving? – There have been rumors for a while about Anthem wanting IMPACT in house in Toronto, and utilizing the open market in Canada as a way to take up some of the market. So with that came news that that the Nashville offices might be shutting down. Ed Nordholm sent out an email saying that they were going to begin consolidating the Nashville offices with the new one opening in Toronto. They may not close the whole thing, and keep some of the production down in Nashville; but a lot of the office staff will be let go, or relocated to Toronto (if they should so choose). The company has moved their merchandise sales to a third party, who handles the shipping of the stuff.

Nightwing Rumor – While the “Titans” show will have their own Dick Grayson, the “Nightwing” film will have another. And apparently the front runner is Dacre Montgomery of “Stranger Things Season 2” and “Power Rangers”. Montgomery posted a photo of Nightwing, while leaving little else to the imagination; something others have done in the past with their own respective characters. Adding even more fuel to this developing rumor was how quickly Montgomery took it down, a sign that the studio told him to knock that shit off. We’ve seen actors post photos, survey’s and petitions, but when nothing is official, they almost never take it down. So why did he? In theory it would be due to management telling him to. So, while it’s only a rumor; it’s a strong rumor.

Top Talent Missing BFG – As reported earlier by others, Taya Valkyrie will miss Bound for Glory and her match with Rosemary is now off the card. Apparently there is an issue with her visa, that may prohibit her from returning to the United States after the week is over. While Taya is in fact Canadian, she’s engaged to Johnny Impact (John Hennigan), and has residence within the United States. If the couple had been married by this time, she’d of been fine, but for whatever reason she’s been red flagged.

Quick Hits – Tamara McNeill, who wrestles as Hania the Huntress, will be debuting at this week’s set of tapings for IMAPCT, originating from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. “Thor: Ragnarok” has been called “instantly forgettable” by critics. Eddie Edwards has been booked to defend his GHC Heavyweight Championship against Hel Hijo del Fantasma after BFG during the tapings. “Cloak and Dagger” have wrapped filming it’s first season. Ashley Chiu has read for the role of Sabrina in upcoming “Riverdale” spin-off.