IMPACT Releases Four, LOTR T.V. Show Coming and More! – WC/CC Mega News Post

IMPACT Releases Four – In the most overblown story of the year, all four referees have been let go by IMPACT Wrestling, in order to make way for Canadian talent to take their place for Bound for Glory and subsequent t.v. tapings. The idea is to use a lot of local talent whenever possible to cut down on costs. This is especially important in Canada, where the company will be getting major tax brakes for employing X amount of Canadian employees. Expect a lot of Canadian wrestling talent of note to pop up within the company this week as well.

Lord of the Rings to TV? – Variety is reporting that Tolkien’s estate and Warner Bros. Television are in talks with Amazon to develop a t.v. series that would be based on the exploits of the iconic “Lord of the Ring” characters. No word on if this will be a remake of the books, or if this will feature new characters, or new actors as previously seen characters, original adventures or what have you.

IMPACT Ratings – With Bound for Glory this Sunday, Pop, IMPACT and Anthem were all expecting a boost in ratings and that’s exactly what they got. They pulled in 275,000, which is up from last weeks 231,000. It’s also higher than the lead in show for Slammiversary XV back in late June, early July.

Rocksteady to Announce Next DC Game? – According to someone supposedly in the know, Rocksteady will be announcing a brand new property involving none other than the Man of Steel himself. A post on 4Chan claims that the game will be revealed on the cover of Game Informer next week.

Game Informer cover game will be revealed next week. It will be Rocksteady’s Superman game. The scale and the ambition of the game is massive, you all will be blown away by the details. Can’t wait to see your reaction, lads.

So if this true, it should be a huge game for any DC fan.

Quick Hits – WWE has cut Sawyer Fulton and Leo Gao, to go along with Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae this week. Blake Ritson will play Brainiac in the upcoming “Krypton” series, while Paula Malcomson will play the Matriarch of House El. WWE has opted to pass on Toni Storm, Piper Niven and Candice LaRae. Tyrese has ended his feud with The Rock after one of Rock’s associates called Tyrese. CBS All Access reviving “The Twilight Zone”.