#SadSunday for WWE Firings, ‘Flashpoint’ Update for DCEU and More! W.C. and C.C. MegaPost

Three Released – Emma, Summer Rae, Darren Young have all been released today. We’re dubbing it #SadSunday. While Young was out with an injury for a while, Summer Rae wasn’t. She was just sitting at home. Emma on the other hand was just used in a match with Asuka at TLC this past October.

Now, Emma has been getting a lot praise right now, mostly because she’s well liked by her peers in the WWE. However she shouldn’t be treated any differently, right? Objectively, none of these three are a loss.

DC Waiting on ‘Justice League’ Success Before ‘Flashpoint’? – The folks at DC and WB are waiting to see how “Justice League” performs at the box office before going forward with their next major film; “Flashpoint”. There was some discussion about it being part of the “The Flash’s” solo film, but more than likely it’ll be The Flash starring in this team up film.

Omega/Jericho Twitter Beef Real? – Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega have been sending tweets back and forth against one another for a few weeks now. Ring of Honor is holding a show on the Cruise is Jericho event, and many suspect Omega will be part of it. However, here’s the issue to that theory. 1) Omega is the only Bullet Club member who isn’t a regular ROH Wrestler, though he does appear from time to time. 2) Chris Jericho is adamant about never wrestling for another promotion other than the WWE, so it seems unlikely that he’d wrestle in a ROH ring. Omega even suggested as such, essentially saying “…let’s wrestle, or shut up.” Jericho has taken offense to Omega basking in his status as universally beloved and a top flight worker. Omega feels Jericho is nothing but a WWE puppet. Whether these feelings are a work or legit are up for anyone’s guess.

IMPACT and New Talent Update – There was a rumor recently about Don Callis leaving NJPW and returning to IMPACT Wrestling after 13 years. There was apparently a contract renewal that they weren’t sure about with Callis, but that was resolved. Callis appears to be staying with NJPW. Ricochet and Tessa Blanchard are still expected to come in with Sami Callihan for the BFG event next Sunday. Petey Williams also said that he’s working with the company through the Canadian tapings, then will sit down with D’Amore and company to figure out what’s next.

Quick Hits – Lio Rush cracked a joke about Emma’s firing (that was at best just dumb) and had a huge Twitter backlash from people he’s going to be working with. Turns out you can harass a fellow wrestler, as long as he’s not well liked. Zachary Levi posts awesome Instagram post.

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