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Jeff Jarrett

Update on Jeff Jarrett – After Jeff Jarrett was formally released from IMPACT Wrestling yesterday, stories came out left and right about him and what could of have happened. When The Tennessean reached out to Jarrett for a comment, he declined to comment on the situation but did say that;

I’ve spent 31 years in the wrestling business, and I’m not getting out of the wrestling business.

Jarrett still owns Global Force Wrestling, and after the series was released on pay per view, and was given front page access as the face of IMPACT Wrestling’s rebrand, it has a brand new level of notoriety.

Jimmy Jacobs On A WWE TV Role – Jimmy Jacobs recently left the WWE after being fired and is now speaking out on his time there. Recently he opened up and revealed about how he felt about not working on screen during his duration there, saying;

…I was ready to go and work behind the scenes. That was all well and good for the first six months that I was there, but then one day I am producing a backstage Chris Jericho / Shane McMahon I believe, and we were just getting the cameras ready, and camera testing the shots; I stood in for Chris Jericho for like a second, just to see how everything would look, I stood in for him, and then Shane came in and we started doing this promo to see how it was going to look, and then we replay it on the screen; I then see how I looked on the monitor, and then I was like, oh wow, I look good on that monitor don’t I? That was like the first seed where I thought, oh man, wouldn’t it be nice?

RAW Ratings – After struggling as a company for a few wees, the WWE rebounded last night after the Styles/Balor dream match and Kurt Angle’s surprise return to the ring. The duo events, plus the SmackDown invasion had the show way up from 2.688 to 2.953. The NFL continues to hemorrhage ratings, bringing in a (for them) tepid 11 million viewers.

Quick Hits – PJ Black revealed that that the producers of “Total Divas” told him to break up with JoJo Offerman on t.v.. JoJo, most famously known for sleeping with a married Bray Wyatt, was 19 at the time and Black cited that as the issue. Kevin Owen’s wife posted a photo on Instagram thanking him for returning home, and claimed that everything that caused Owens to leave the tour was now ok. KUSHIDA has beef now with Enzo Amore over Enzo donig a wind up punch similar to KUSHIDA’s.