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IMPACT Cuts Ties with GFW – In a move that was expected six weeks ago, when it was announced that Jeff Jarrett would not be working any further with IMPACT and Anthem, many thought for sure that the GFW rebrand was done. It’s now been confirmed as such, with IMPACT tweeting out the end of the partnership on Twitter. The issues seemed to culminate in Mexico around the tie of AAA’s TripleMania, and now it appears as another incident has popped up. I’m hearing that IMPACT may hold the rights to the Amped Anthology, but who knows. The first two are still up on the Global Wrestling Network.

Jarrett Incident – Jeff Jarrett wrestled at the Real Canadian Wrestling promotion in Edmonton over the weekend and had a 20+ main event match with RCW Champion, Heavy Metal. The match was so bad, that fans began leaving during it. Several sources have alleged that it wasn’t conditioning that Jarrett was struggling with, but alcohol. This can’t be confirmed. The incident was so bad, that word got around and Jarrett ended up flying home the next morning, instead of working the event the next night that he was booked for.

Considering IMPACT has eyes on Canada and wants to work and cultivate a presence there, I’m told that distancing themselves further from Jarrett had to happen.

Details on Kurt Angles Return – Vince McMahon was behind the idea of bringing Kurt Angle back to the ring to replace Roman Reigns. Angle was given a physical in Pittsburgh on Friday, and once cleared, the WWE announced his involvement. There is no word on when Angle will wrestle again, if ever for the WWE; however I keep hearing WrestleMania as the target date for more Angle.

Survivor Series Update – The current plan for Survivor Series will feature a RAW vs. SmackDown women’s match. It’ll either feature Bayley or Sasha Banks as the captain of Team RAW, while a fatal fiveway will determine the captain for SmackDown on Tuesday.

There’s also expected to be a RAW vs. SmackDown five on five, with Shane McMahon and four others leading the charge against RAW. This seems to be a huge interbrand show as The Miz and Baron Corbin are scheduled to face off, Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya, and The Shield vs. The Uso’s. If you didn’t notice, those are the mid card, women’s and tag team championships on both shows facing off with one another.

There’s also expected to be a five on five with the Cruiserweights, pitting Enzo, Gulak, Dar, Nese, and Daivari against Kalisto, Sin Cara, Swann, Alexander, and Ali.

All the Survivor Series news came from PWInsider.

Quick Hits – Davey Boy Smith JR. of New Japan Pro Wrestling recently announced that he helped save a suicidal woman from leaping off of bridge. AJ Styles denies that Vince McMahon had anything to do with the hand gesture that Styles and Finn Balor used last night. No one believes him though. John Cena returning at Survivor Series in a special guest referee role for Mahal and Lesnar’s match.

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