Top Ten Choices For ‘Arrowverse’ Live Action Shows

So the Arrowverse has returned to us, and with each passing season seems to come a new show, be it live action or animated. We’re reading for “Freedom Fighters: The Ray”, and next year we’re getting “Constantine” (I think it’s 2018), as well as the live action “Black Lighting”, though that hasn’t been confirmed as being an Arrowverse show as of yet (though there’s no reason to believe it won’t be). So now lets start looking at the next new show. I’m looking at a lot of spin off’s or retoolings of characters we already got, though some original ideas.

I’d include Static Shock, but with DC’s removal of Shock from the Earth 1 universe, I’m not sure if he’ll even be involved in DC-centrick shows. So I’m only excluding his series possibilities due to uncertainty.






10) Smallville Revival

– Now yes, Tyler Hoechlin is the Superman of the Arrowverse, but as we’ve seen, different universes and what not. So why not try a revival of sorts? Now, it doesn’t need to be a long series, it could be like “Legends of Tomorrow” where it’s only a mid season type show. The series would be simple to execute too, the returning stars are forced to jump from Universe to Universe to track down an unseen Brainiac from finding the perfect place for him to settle down. The adventures would allow them to spend time in various Universes, preferably the entire season, and see things from a whole new perspective. We’ve already established four distinct universes in the Arrowverse. Earth 1, the core universe. Earth 2, the universe where Harry Wells and Jessie Quick are from Earth 38, the world of Supergirl and now Earth-X, the place where the Nazi’s have taken over and the Freedom Fighters are battling them. There’s also Earth 3, which is the home of the Classic Flash, Jay Garrick, but we haven’t seen much of that universe, as well as Earth 19, where Gypsy is from.

So there’s already four or five seasons of content right there. On top of that, we could incorporate former movie franchises, “The Birds of Prey” and even returning to the Smallville Universe, where they have their own alternate universes.






9) Constantine

– This one is so low for several reasons. 1) It’s happened before and it failed. 2) He’s getting a new animated series. 3) He’s guest starring in several shows since his own cancellation. The odds that this doesn’t get a revival of sorts is sort of dwindling. It seems like CW is doing a lot of low budgeted testing to see if there’s interest before they commit dozen and dozens of millions of dollars to a new franchise. Expect there to be an announcement of a new live action show, eventually, just not before 2018/19.






8) Legion

– Supergirl has already introduced Mon El and will introduce Saturn Girl in season three. What better show to spin off than Legion? You could include Brainiac 5, Lighting Lass and Lighting Ladd, as well as Bouncing Boy and Cosmic Boy. This would obviously be more of a ‘Star Trek’ type of show where the team travels throughout the stars recruiting, reuniting and saving various members of the L.E.I.G.I.O.N. Now of course, the name might have to change, due to FX’s “Legion” series. However, I think “L.E.G.I.O.N. of Superheroes” might be enough of a difference to keep FX happy. Now a major change I’d make is changing them from being from the 31st century, and more just have them be of Supergirl’s Earth 38. That change is enough to keep them from the Arrowverse’s prime planet, but also similar enough to tie them into a series. It’ll also help get Tyler Hoechlin more screen-time as Superman, which he deserves.






7) Stargirl

– Oh this would be fun. Stargirl is the great grand niece of the original Stargirl, though no one knew that. Eventually Courtney Whitmore would find out her step father (Stripesy) was a former hero from a few decades back. They’ll reveal that the US Government in the 70’s and 80’s tried to facilitate government owned superheroes to help usher in a new era of heroism; however the team didn’t last long, and was disbanded after a series of unfortunate mistakes before the team was every publicly revealed. The team was disbanded and returned to normalcy. However, Pat Dugan (Stripesy) ended up taking several pieces as tech with him, to avoid the Government from getting the tech. After Whitmore’s great grand aunt goes missing back in time, she hides her cosmic rod for it to be discovered by Jack Knight in the mid 90’s. After twenty years of fighting crime, Knight begins looking for a replacement with the help of Dugan. This coming of age/high school story, would feature Courtney Whitmore proving she’s worthy of the Cosmic Rod for several years, before ultimately getting the right to wield it later in the series.






6) New Gods

– I’ve been envisioning this story for a while now. Essentially it’d involve Orion breaking into Apocalypse to free Mister Miracle after Darkseid recaptured him. Because Orion and Big Barada helped Miracle escape, and he didn’t escape this time, this is seen as an act of war. To preserve peace, Highfather banishes both his sons and Barda to Earth. They’ll all be rendered amnesiac and will be hunted down by various agents of Darkseid, and New Genesis, who will see them as traitors. The series will revolve around the trio meeting various new heroes, crossing over with older heroes, and battling Parademons. This show will focus more of a ‘fish out of water’ motif, and will showcase the three trying to piece together their lives again, while adjusting to life on Earth.






5) Task Force X

– Amanda Waller (who’d be played by CCH Pounder if I get a say), would be not only revealed to be alive, but having several different versions of her that operate under her guidance. It’ll be revealed that these DoppleWallers all think that “Amanda Waller” is a title or codename. They all think they’re the only Waller, and that they’re getting fed information from the US Government. However, it’s coming exclusively from the real Waller. The only two people who know she’s alive are her two most trusted Lieutenants, Rick Flgg and Steve Trevor. Both men are tasked with reviving the Task Force X group, and to go around helping out Team Flash, Team Arrow and The Legends. The thing though is, they have to do it without ever revealing that they’re there at all. So this will allow for some fun crossovers of sorts, without too much effort. Imagine The Flash team stopping Mirror Master’s heist but something doesn’t add up during taht episode of “The Flash”. Well, then that week on “Task Force X”, you find out that the plot hole that doesn’t make sense ix explained by something Task Force X does behind the scenes of “Flash” but in the foreground of their show. It wouldn’t be every episode, but enough to make it feel that they’re organic. Outside of Flag and Trevor, you’d also have people like Cupid, Killer Frost (Yup, I’d move Caitlin to this show), and Anatoly Knyazev as KG Beast working alongside them. They’ll still crossover with people like Wade Eiling as well, to really cement the scummy nature of this organization.






4) The Terminator

– Think Spy vs. Spy. Having a newfound clarity and a desire to set things right, Slade Wilson agrees to work with Lyla Diggle to bring in various rogue operatives from around the world (…that look enough like Vancouver’s local wooded region). However as he’s hunting down various spies and assassins, he runs into the one man who rivals him in every way; Deadshot. Deathstroke has to battle Deadshot across various regions to apprehend rogue agents and spies, preventing them from getting off’d by Deadshot, “Cus dead men don’t rat, Slade”. This will work well with another show on this list, as well as “Arrow”, and would feature more spy centric characters, like possibly the return of Huntress, The Tiger (Patron), and maybe rival outfits like Tiger’s group; Spyral. It’ll give fans what they want, more Slade and the battle with Deadshot, which I can’t be the only one people want to see. I’d also bring back The Human Target in a recurring role.






3) JSA

– Now we’ve already seen the JSA of the past, and frankly, I think the writers fucked that up so hard. Most notably with Stargirl. She got the proverbial shaft, as in the books she’s a teenage girl in high school who discovers that her father’s a former sidekick and that leads her to her own status as a hero. So instead of rebooting most of these characters, why not just find room? We have a slew of unused characters like Vixen (Mari McCabe), Hawkman, Hawkgirl (re-casted), Wildcat, Jonah Hex, and more; not too mention guys like Jay Garrick’s Flash and Arsenal (Roy Harper). Bring together a group of established names (Hawkman, Wildcat and Garrick are mandatory), sprinkle in Vixen, Hex and two newer heroes, and give them a mission to revive Doctor Fate. Justify it by saying Felix Faust has been resurrected, and that Constantine is too unreliable to battle the forces of Chaos, so Fate needs to come back to help handle the mystic side of things.






2) Detective INC.

– I’d love Detective Chimp, that’d be hilarious. However, I’m thinking more of a line up of The Question (Vic Sage), Sandman (Sanderson Hawkins), and Rene Montoya. Mostly cus Chimp would be too hard to do CGI wise. If Supergirl doesn’t want to introduce Kate Kane, then this would be a good place to add her. The series would include a globe trotting type of series, featuring them tracking down various conspiracy theories that seem rather ridiculous (Like the source of aglets). It would also incorporate Sanderson Hawkin’s rise to The Sandman, as his chronic nightmares fuel his desire to find and save various people from horrible crimes. Montoya will operate as a former GCPD police officer, who is now working with the FBI and The Question. The Question is essentially working with the FBI to keep himself out of the ‘loony bin’, as they believe him to be insane. However the more the trio works together, the more they see his genius. Eventually Kane will either be Batwoman or if WB is so hung up on not using the Bat family that often on t.v., we just have her be some stealth bad ass working deep undercover. Either or.






1) Justice League Dark

– I know there’s a movie in development, but good luck. This series makes the most sense of any. Not only would it include Constantine in a role better suited for the character (as one of an ensemble), but it’d also allow you to introduce characters like Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Etrigan The Demon and maybe a character like the Titan’s Lilith, and last year’s “Arrow” character, Ragman. The premise wouldn’t be too far off from what Constantine would of been about, just with more characters to flush out, and more subplots to explore. The real clincher would be that Jason Blood, Etrigan’s host, would be done more like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where Etrigan would want to be freed so he may bathe in the blood of the guilty. Jason Blood however would do everything he can to only unleash the demon when absolutely necessary. I’d also include other DC horror icons, like Frankenstein as well. My vision for this is to really strike close to the feeling of Halloween for 22 weeks. The show would be a weird mesh of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, “X-Files”, “The Munsters”, and “Tales from the Crypt”. Less we forget about characters like Deadman, the Phantom Stranger, The Specter, and others will also be involved to a degree. Deadman might actually be a regular character on the series.

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