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Jarrett/GFW Situation – Here’s the official quote from GFW;

Effective immediately, Jeff Jarrett is taking an indefinite leave of absence from his position as Chief Creative Officer to focus on personal matters. Jeff will be available on a consultative basis as needed.

We’ll be covering this more tonight on Brand Banter, but the going word right now is that Jeff Jarrett has been relieved of his duties for the foreseeable future. PWInsider claims that there has a pattern of erratic behavior with Jarrett and his GFW duties. Starting with when he blew up on long time employee Bob Ryder, and culminating at TripleMania when he seemed to not follow instruction for the match and appeared out of shape. Many feel that Jarrett needed time off, including head of GFW and Anthem employee Ed Nordholm. The situation is described to me as “fluid” and Anthem is getting all their ducks in a row. Jarrett may be back down the line, but as of right now the company may be relying heavily on Jim Cornette and the writing staff, while also bringing back John Gaburick, a consultant for the company, into the fold again to some degree. I’m told that he doesn’t have the power he once did, but as of right now he’s the wrestling guy for Anthem as a company. It also appears as though Nordholm himself may be running things in the interim.

In a bit of a surprise though, it appears as though it was Jeff Jarrett, and not Nordholm, who was protecting Alberto El Patron, and now that Jarrett is no longer in power, it appears as though El Patron may be done with the company after all. It should be noted that yes, this does mean the Jeff Jarrett/Bound for Glory match is off.

Opinion: This is not good at all. There is no silver lining in this cloud. Personally, I’ve been very happy with the relaunch under Jarrett, and am concerned that a new leadership will cause things to change unnecessarily. If I was Nordholm, I’d ask (in this order), Scott D’Amore, Jeremy Borash, Dutch Mantell or Jim Cornette to handle things going forward. Considering how Cornette has expressly claimed he has a deal with Anthem, not GFW, it’s very possible Nordholm brought him on board just in case, and will turn the reigns over to him.

This is a shit show at the moment folks. Luckily they got tapes in until November.

Update on Sexy Star – Apparently Vampiro wasn’t lying when he said things would be handled after the Sexy Star/Rosemary incident at TripleMania. Announced today via Twitter, the Reinas de Reinas championship that Sexy Star was the champion of, was vacated from Star. Star won’t be in the match. I’ve head that it’ll be a five way but have not confirmed this as of yet, and I’m not sure who’ll be present for the bout. Though it’d make sense they put the title on Faby Apache as she’s the best and most consistent woman on their roster.

Quick Hits – WWE announced that Donovan Dijak has signed with the WWE. CM Punk’s second UFC fight may happen as early as the end of this year. Below is the schedule for WrestleCon 2018.

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Wrestlecon Supershow.

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