UFC Legend to GFW? WWE Injuries, WM 34 Main Event and So Much More! – WrestleCorp Weekend (and one) Round Up!

Sorry for the lack of stuff yesterday, had a concert to go to and after 8 plus hours of traveling and show time, I finally got home around 1 a.m. and by the time I ate and sat down, it was nearly 3. So I didn’t do anything last night as promised, my bad. I decided to make today’s WrestleCorp extra long to make up for everything. Every major news bit (besides SummerSlam results) over the last 48 hours has been included.

UFC Legend to GFW? – I keep spoilers out of the news but this one isn’t just a spoiler, it’s an actual major event around Global Force Wrestling. Apparently GFW has agreed to some kind of deal with UFC Hall of Famer-turned-pro-wrestler Stephan Bonnar. Bonnar was training to be a pro wrestler under Disco Infero, alongside fellow former MMA fighter Phil Baroni, but now apparently Bonnar is training under Konnan. Many in GFW seem pleased he’s there, and apparently his deal has something to do with a direction from Fight Network and it’s parent company. I’m told that more crossovers like this could occur in the future, as long as “….they make sense”. So while guys like Josh Barnett and Bonnar might be coming in more frequently, at least it means less Jersey Shore wannabes.

Opinion: I’m a bit bemused by this acquisition. Bonnar and Forrest Griffin are the reason for modern day MMA and it’s exposure into the mainstream, and because of that I became a fan of theirs during their Ultimate Fight 1 prize fight, dubbed by Dana White as the most important fight in MMA history. I’m curious to see how Bonnar will adapt to pro wrestling as he follows in the same vein as Dan Severn, Ken Shamrock, Barnett and Matthew Riddle.

Jeff Jarrett Update – According to PWInsider, Jeff Jarrett is being talked into returning to a television role by the end of the year, with some speculation that he’ll return at Bound for Glory in November. There’s also talk that Jarrett will return to compete sometime after that, with some speculating it could happen at Lockdown in 2018.

Opinion: It’s “cool” to hate on Jarrett as a wrestler, but I genuinely like him and his in ring work so I’m actually very excited about this potential.

GFW Hall of Fame Udpate – After inducting Sting, Kurt Angle, Team 3D, Jeff Jarrett, Earl Hebner and Gail Kim into their Hall of Fame, GFW has yet to announce this year’s inductee. They’re still planning on inducting someone but haven’t announced anything yet.

Opinion: There’s only one reason this makes sense in the way it’s been handled; the person they want isn’t contractually available until later. Now, all eyes go to Rey Mysterio as someone who’s going to be freed up in October-November, but that seems far fetched. So it goes towards someone like Christian Cage, who makes more logical sense to be inducted. However, Cage is just a for-instance.

WWE Injuries – What a shit weekend for WWE. First Asuka was injured in her NXT Women’s Championship match against Ember Moon, with a fractured collarbone. Then we find out that Drew McIntyre was shook up from his match on the same show, however he’ll be fine. Then Big Cass got hurt during his street fight yesterday on RAW, and is expected to miss time.

WWE Main Events – The WWE is planning two major matches for the future; at No Mercy it’ll be Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman for the Universal Championship. Brock though, in what is expected to be his farewell match, will apparently take on Roman Reigns once again.

Opinion: If Brock vs. Roman does happen at WrestleMania, I won’t watch it. It’s a fucking garbage match.

NJPW News – Roppongi Vice’s final match will take place on September 16th against Chase Owens and Yujiro Takahashi. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a Romero heel turn here. The triple threat IWGP Tag Team title match pitting the K.E.S against The Guerrillas of Destiny and War Machine is set for September 10th. Both Minoru Suzuki and KUSHIDA will be at Death Before Dishonor, and Minoru will wrestle in the U.S. for the first time in 25 years. And Kota Ibushi is sticking around NJPW even longer than expected, as he’s working tag matches throughout the Destruction tour in September.

Quick Hits – Road Dogg can’t accept on Twitter that Baron Corbin is getting jobbed out. D.A. decides not to press charges against Paige stemming from Orlando airport incident. Matter is considered closed. Bobby Roode saw arriving at SmackDown. Roode is rumored to debut tonight.

Finally, condolences go out to Dana Brooke and the McCarver family, as Brooke’s boyfriend, Dallas McCarver passed away today at the age of 26.