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#IMPACTonPOP Results – Sienna defeated Gail Kim to retain the GFW Knockouts Championship. In the Super X Cup Finals, Desmond Xavier defeated Ishimori. Sonjay Dutt defeated Trevor Lee in a Ladder Match to retain the GFW X-Division Championship. oVe defeated Jason Cade & Zackary Wentz. Matt Sydal defeated Lashley to earn title match of his choosing.


Braun Strowman Speaks – Braun Strowman was recently a guest on ESPN’s “Cheap Heat” and spoke about a multitude of subjects. Here is what he had to say about Roman Reigns…

“I solely trust my partner going out there, and especially the guy I’m working with, Roman [Reigns]. There’s not another talent on this planet like him. He is the best, if not the best in the ring, hands down. I know that he’s going to do the same thing that I do — he’s going to put his body on the line too. You’ve seen that. I’ll knock his hind end into the dirt, time after time, and he keeps getting back up. Whether it be stupidity, stubbornness or pure heart, you can’t argue that Roman is one tough SOB and entertaining, to say the least. At this point, I mean, what else is there to do? I feel like the next match we’re going to have is going to be on top of a volcano, and the only way to win is to throw your opponent into the volcano.”


Davey Richards Update – EVOLVE announced today that Davey Richards will be returning to the promotion. Richards recently left GFW because his goal has been to be a doctor and he is unable to balance the demands of medical school and his wrestling career anymore. Richards has been vocal about not being retired, noting that he will take bookings when he has the time.


Shelton Benjamin Update – According to PW Insider, Shelton Benjamin is finally set to return to WWE very soon. Benjamin was originally planned to return last summer following the brand split. The company ran promos hyping his return but the pre-signing medical tests revealed a torn rotator cuff. Benjamin underwent surgery to repair the issue and was medically cleared to return in March.

Since he left in 2010, Benjamin worked across many various promotions, including Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH just to name a few. I know I will be very happy to see him back, experienced but at this point still fresh.


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