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Oh boy, Karen Angle brought a WWE giant to his knees. Why isn’t this top page news everywhere.

Karen Jarrett Slam WWE Giant – Karen Jarrett and other GFW talent met up with WWE talent after the July 17th RAW in Nashville for an impromptu little shindig. The gathering was also the night GFW pitched to Rey Mysterio. During the course of the evening, Karen Jarrett approached and told WWE star Braun Strowman that her son Kody Angle was a huge fan of Brauns and asked him for his autograph to give to her son. Braun apparently dismissed Karen and rather rudely, which sent Karen into a beast mode and verbally slapped Braun down. She explained to him exactly who’s son Braun was blowing off (co-worker Kurt Angle’s son), and that it didn’t matter who she was, he should never blow off someone the way he did to her.

After agreeing and apologizing, Braun Strowman agreed to give the autograph if Karen didn’t tell anyone that Braun disrespected the son of a WWE Hall of Famer, to which Karen declined, causing the big man to kneel and beg.

Major Heat on Two – The WWE are building up to a major angle where Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose would challenge for and presumably win the WWE RAW Tag Team Titles. In doing so, the angle would have the two men do the ‘Shield-fist-bump’ for the first time since they split. Apparently Triple H, who’s the one booking the angle, was furious when the two men embraced after a tag team win on RAW. It was apparently something that was said to be loud and noticeable.

Jason Jordan’s Big SummerSlam Match – Jason Jordan is getting a major match at SummerSlam. Despite feuding with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins right now, The Miz is expected to face off with Jason Jordan for the Intercontinental Championship, that would see Jordan actually win his first single’s title from The Miz at the summer event.

GFW Live Event Match Ups – In a move that is leaving many to believe that Alberto El Patron time in GFW may be up, Patron has been left off of all three New York live event shows in early August. Thetwo shows in St. James and Staten Island are being headlines by James Storm, Lashley, EC3 and John Hennigan (Mundo/Morrison), with Eddie Edwards, Low Ki, Eli Drake and Moose rotating in with one another. Also making their GFW debut is top prospect Anthony Bowens. Also debuting are former ROH talent Dan Maff, and former GFW (original) talent The New Heavenly Bodies

The official 8/4 Long Island lineup is:

James Storm & Moose & John Hennigan vs. Lashley & Eli Drake & EC3.

Taya vs. Allie vs. Sienna.

Eddie Edwards vs. Low Ki vs. Drago.

KM vs. Braxton Sutter.

LAX vs. Mario Bokara & Fallah Bah

Sonjay Dutt vs. Trevor Lee

Pat Buck & Bryce Donovan vs. Johnny Clash & Max Caster – Create-A-Pro Showcase match.

The 8/5 Staten Island Yankees Stadium lineup features:

James Storm & Eddie Edwards & John Hennigan vs. Lashley & Low Ki & EC3.

Taya vs. Allie vs. Sienna.

Eddie Edwards vs. Low Ki vs. Drago.

KM vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Fallah Bah.

LAX vs. Sonjay Dutt & Drago.

Mario Bokara vs. Trevor Lee

Pat Buck & Dan Maff & Anthony Bowens vs. The Heavenly Bodies – Create-A-Pro Showcase match.

WWE Network Subscribers Down – The WWE has lost subscribers since WrestleMania weekend. The WWE refrained from mentioning the number of paid/free accounts for their quarterly earnings. This is likely due to the possibility that the number is supposedly far lower than where it should be at, and when compared to the 1.662 million paid for WrestleMania, might make the stock holders scared. The WWE has been hoping to be around 2 million subscribers by now, and part of the reason for the cuts in production like the pyro’s, and shows being axed, is due to the fact that they aren’t making as much as projected.

Quick Hits – Kevin Owens may face Shane McMahon at SummerSlam. Bayley’s character to be “rehabbed” this summer. Moose announced that he has signed a three year deal to stay with GFW, cites Scott D’Amore as a big reason for his decision to stay. Brandi Rhodes to make ROH in-ring debut on July 29th. El Rey’s CCO Skip Chalsson says Lucha Underground’s future “looks good”.

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