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And now, more Matt Hardy nonsense on “As the crazy turns!”

Hardy/Anthem Update – As heard on last night’s Brand Banter, we talked about Anthem and Matt Hardy’s recent spat. Anthem revealed notes and details about their contracts with Matt Hardy and a series of documented events that appear to show their willingness to give Matt Hardy the ability to use the Broken gimmick, as long as their was a decent deal in place on both sides. They also showed an email sent to the WWE, in essences saying that they’ll work out a deal with the WWE if they wanted Matt to use the gimmick.

Reby Sky went out of her way to then claim she had phone records she wanted to release, yet never did. She also claimed that Anthem was lying, despite proving no evidence to the contrary. Matt Hardy also responded, saying;

I tell the truth & I don’t need to desperately overcompensate to prove my public credibility. My facts will be shared via the correct venue./blockquote>

Yet, Matt never once addresses the fact that it was his wife, Reby, who’s the cause for all of this drama, as she whipped up a section of the fanbase with claims and accusations against Anthem, Jeff Jarrett and Impact Wrestling as a whole.

The WWE however is really indifferent to the whole thing. They don’t have any plans to use the Broken gimmick, unless they can get it through Matt Hardy. If Matt acquires the gimmick, then they’ll use it, but they won’t buy the gimmick, as it sets a bad precedence. Since they have no desire to get involved in the process, they’re not going to help Matt and Reby out if Anthem does in fact take them to court (and would presumably win as they seemingly have the evidence and the witnesses).

It should also be noted that fan support for Reby Sky has started to turn, as more and more people are blaming her for the reason Anthem and Matt haven’t struck a deal.

Jim Ross on Anthem vs. Hardy’s – On Jim Ross’ blog, JRsBarBQ.com, Ross revealed how he feels about the whole Anthem/Hardy situation, saying;

Not overly conformable with official contract info, communications, etc being distributed to the pro wrestling media regarding the contract issues involving the Hardy’s and Impact Wrestling. Not sure what it proves or if it helps anyone’s cause other than keeping this private, business matter lingering in the eyes of the public. Just my two cents but most pro wrestling companies have bigger fish to fry than making a matter such as this click bait.

Impact Cancels Event in UK – Due to the events of Monday’s terror attack in Manchester, the folks at Impact Wrestling have decided to cancel their Impact Watch Party for this Friday. The official Impact Wrestling UK twitter account tweeted out, saying;

Due to the horrific terrorist attack yesterday, so close to where Friday’s fan event was scheduled, we feel a party is not appropriate (1/3)

Ticket holders have been emailed. Full refund are being provided and alternative plans made so they can still meet Jeff Jarrett and JB (2/3)

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Manchester and the whole of the UK (3/3)

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