Dennis Gates
Japanese Wrestling Specialist – When Dennis was writing, no one had more to say about the world of Japanese wrestling than him. He covered the biggest events and the best matches, bringing an exclusive insight to our brand. In the days before New Japan World, fans like Dennis were hard to come by, and he contributed nightly to our effort to provide the best commentary on all things wrestling.
Twitter: @KnightNephrite

Matthew Westletake
Writer – Even though Matt’s run with the site was short lived, he provided a much needed new voice during his tenure. An aspiring pro wrestler, he had a dynamic take of optimism that was refreshing and well received.
Twitter: @CMWesltake

Ed Scoglio
Co-Host/Writer – Despite their history, Chad still values Ed’s contributions to the website and podcasts. Ed was a dynamic, and at times very provocative commentator, often times butting heads with the rest of the site and always making sure his opinions were heard.
Twitter: @ScoglioSpeaks


‘Lil Chief’
Alex Valdez
Writer/Twitch Contributor – Alex was the third longest tenured members of the website. He’d been writing steadily for several years and still hosts his own Twitch channel, which you can find at
Twitter: @lilchief2007

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