WrestleCorp News – Shibata Injury an Angle?, JBL Running Scared, Scum Bag Comes to JBL’s Aid and More!


Hey cats and kittens, the smooth talking Jazz loving (the wrestler, not the music), pro wrestling talking savant here. I know I’m late but as you can tell from tumblr and on here, been awfully busy the last 24 hours. So lets jump into this Space Monkey Mafia!

Shibata Update – So there’s some miscommunication and some outright lies here. Uproxx is and an independent journalist are both citing Dave Meltzer stories a day apart claiming two different things.

Uproxx is claiming via Meltzer that the Shibata injury is a storyline, done to write off the veteran for a few months while he recovers form nagging injuries. An independent author is claiming that Meltzer heard from two NJPW sources and that this is actually very real. New Japan Pro Wrestling and Tokyo Sports are both saying this is a real injury, and Tokyo Sports even had a doctor comment on the condition of Shibata. Something in the states would never happen, but Japan has different rules than the US does.

What this means is, at the moment, Shibata’s health is up in the air either one way or another. When checking Meltzer’s tweets, he seemed to indicate he still believed it was an angle, to some degree and that it was no different using a brain injury than the WWE exploiting a real life death. Full disclosure, I didn’t go through every tweet he made over the last four days.

He tweets more than a 16 year old girl.

JBL Running Scared – Bas Rutten already hates JBL and wants to whip his ass, and now another former UFC Legend wants a shot at JBL. Pat Miletich has asked JBL to meet up with him to discuss the treatment of his friend Mauro Ranallo. Miletich tweeted,

….I have a bone to pick with you regarding you strong arming my boy, Mauro Ranallo. Let’s have a man to man discussion, Johnny.

The lack of respect, and the verbiage seems to indicate an forthcoming ass whopping on JBL.

Scum Supports Scum – Jerry Lawler has a predilection for young women. He met his wife, The Kat, when she was 19, he’s currently dating a 27 year old, that he met when she was 22 and in 1993-94, he was accused of raping and sodomizing a 13 year old girl, and harassing a 14 year old witness to the case.

Lawler also has a history of violence, where he ran over a cops foot, and has been engaged in a domestic disturbance altercation with his current girlfriend.

And he thinks JBL is just “misunderstood”. Ok, Jerry. Right.

Quick Hits: Seth Rollins debuts Okada inspired finisher that results in him driving his knee into the opponents face. Smart, that won’t hurt people. Braun Strowman mocks petition started against him stemming from RAW segment. Dean Ambrose and Rene Young quietly got married recently.

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