WrestleCorp News – Hardy’s at WrestleMania, Goldberg Clarifies, Reigns a Draw? and More!

I’m re-working the WrestleMania rankings, that’ll be up soon. Then I’ll be posting a Top Ten Impact Wrestling Homegrown Stars Post, followed a few more show rankings of Impact Wrestling. So Space Monkey Mafia, lets get into this.

Hardy’s at WrestleMania – The Observer noted The Hardy’s are returning to the WWE more than likely this week. They’re expected to drop the Ring of Honor World Tag Team titles this weekend to The Young Bucks. Despite rumors to the contrary, there are no plans to have the Hardy’s return on the show, as WrestleMania isn’t known for its surprise debuts or returns. Also, the Uso’s were added to the Battle Royal, thus meaning the Hardy’s showing up to challenge The Uso’s isn’t likely. The Hardy’s will host a tailgating event, even limiting them showing up even more. The WWE would want them at the event far before the event. Since they’ll be at Saddle Up until 6.p.m., it remains unlikely even more so that the WWE would want them that far away prior to the report time. Again, I have to emphasize this, the WWE rarely (if ever) does surprise returns or debuts AT WrestleMania. It’s usually on RAW the night after, which makes more sense for the Hardy’s to return at.

Goldberg Clarifies – Despite anyone with half a brain being able to discern from the quote, that Goldberg referred to being miserable PHYSICALLY due to the training required, fans are stupid and now Goldberg needs to clarify his comments. He posted saying;

NEWS FLASH* Since this is chapping my ass let’s get the record straight…..this @wwe run, experience is frikin’ awesome…. honored, humbled, truly appreciative and then some,” Goldberg wrote. “I’M MISERABLE PHYSICALLY BECAUSE IT TAKES A MONUMENTAL EFFORT, BOTH TRAINING AND EATING, TO TRY AND BE CLOSE TO WHAT PEOPLE REMEMBER…. I STRIVE TO BE THE BEST….. RESULTS ARE GREAT BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN THERE ARE NO BUMPS ALONG THE WAY


Roman Reigns a Draw? – Despite the fact the part-timers out sell everyone, Roman Reigns is allegedly the highest seller for merchandise out of all the regular workers; at least according to The Observer.

Quick Hits – Shelton Benjamin cleared to return to wrestling. John Cena claims this is his most important WrestleMania cus he can share it with Nikki. The lies were never greater. Fans are being removed and arrested for trespassing at the WWE assigned hotel this week. Dixie Carter sent out congratulations for debuting tonight to Hector Garza Jr, except he debuted three weeks ago. Eva Marie tries to promote upcoming projects that no one cares about. Noam Dar injured at RAW.