Have You Ever Seen The Great Muta Pitch Noodles to the People of Asia Before?

Did you ever want Keiji Mutoh (The Great Muta) to sell you noodles? Did you ever want Keiji Mutoh to sell you noodles while women of Asian persuasion were dancing all around him?  Did you ever want Keiji Mutoh selling you noodles while riding on the back of a flatbed truck? WELL DO I HAVE JUST THE THING FOR YOU!

In this whacky ass commercial, The Great Muta himself does all of that while wearing a coat so big he looks like he’s the next kaiju battle against Godzilla.  It’s beyond weird, and the fact that the description in the video outright states that Muta caused the Indian film industry to ‘boom’ was something.

So if you’re a fan of pro wrestling legends marketing noodles to bi-national customers, this is the video of your dreams.


Muto Dancing Maharaja / This is Udon’s Gokuraku Jodo
(Via Google Translate) Eat, dance and fall in love with udon! That “Muto” is back! The overwhelming presence of the superstar “Muto” (Keiji Muto) born in Fujiyoshida City! Twenty years ago, Japan caused an unprecedented Indian movie boom A large udon entertainment video of “Mutu Dancing Maharaja” [Authorized by Honke]. This is Udon’s paradise! Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. The famous Japanese udon noodles “Yoshida Udon” Please come to eat once!
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