NWA Almost Landed on Major Network

NWA Vice President David Lagana was on Busted Open Radio recently and revealed that if not for the Turner/AT&T merger, then it’s a good chance that the NWA would’ve landed on TNT or TBS and not AEW.  Lagana went on to say;
We want it to be as close to Georgia Championship Wrestling and the Techwood show.  Full disclosure, Billy and I met with Turner back in December of 2017 … to explore doing this show. They called us and wanted to have us produce a studio wrestling show for Bleacher Report Live. Ultimately when the merger with AT&T happened everything was put on hold and they went with AEW, which is awesome and a much more blown out show for cable.

The idea is to air the program from a studio and the hope was that they would air it from the same studio that aired the original NWA during the pre-WCW days, ideally at the same time slot as well.
As of right now there’s no word on what network, if any network, picks up NWA right now.
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