wXw Makes Major Change that Could Hint at a WWE Network Landing Spot

In equally stupid, but hilarious news; wXw out of Germany is ending the trend of using licensed entrance themes.  Most indies allow wrestlers to come out to music that may be owned by someone, as they don’t have to worry about rights fees and other such legal issues due to the lack of availability of the show.  In fact in Europe, the copyright laws against using music in properties is far less strict than in the United States, making it easier to gain the right to use specific songs.

However, with the news that the WWE Network is relaunching and the announcement that they’ll have more EVOLVE-like shows on their network, this leads me to a theory.  Is wXw going to air on the Network?

I’m betting yes.  A fan on Twitter tried telling me that it’s not going to happen and that they “talked about it for three years”.  The ‘it’ is the decision to end licensed themes or not.  To which I say; you had three years to do it; why now?  Because the WWE and WALTER, wXw’s owner, have agreed to a deal that would air the German promotion on their network – that’s why (I think).

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