WrestleCorp Hall of Fame Class of 2019

Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig

Curt Hennig is a name that is synonymous with technical prowess.  The Minnesota legend rose to fame in the old American Wrestling Association, winning the top prize in the promotion before starting a career in the then named World Wrestling Federation.  He became a staple in the early 90’s, putting on classics with Bret Hart, Ric Flair and others while winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship on two occasions.    After a back injury derailed his run, he’d return to wrestling with World Championship Wrestling, and would add more gold to his legacy by winning the WCW United States and WCW World Tag Team titles (with partner Barry Windham).  During his WCW tenure he would join the Four Horsemen and the New World Order before starting his own faction; the West Texas Rednecks.  After WCW’s closure Hennig would become a journeymen, wrestling for I-Generation Superstars, Xcitement Wrestling Federation, IPW Hardcore, World League Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling and eventually a short stint in WWE.  In late 2002 however he’d join NWA-TNA (now IMPACT Wrestling) where he would wrestle with until his passing.

– 1x AWA World Heavyweight Champion
– 1x AWA World Tag Team Champion (w/Scott Hall)
– 2x I-Generation World Heavyweight Champion
– 1x WCW United States Championshion
– 1x WCW World Tag Team Champion
– 2x WWE Intercontinental Champion
– 2007 WWE Hall of Fame Induction.



The Canadian talent spent all but a handful of years in the WWE during his long career.  Breaking in through Canada, alongside good friends Christian and Rhyno, Edge would find his way to the WWE off and on in 1996, before getting a developmental deal in 1997.  From then on he became a fast rising name in the promotion, earning big praise in 1998 when he got called up.  He’d go on to form the Brood with Christian and Gangrel before the duo split from Gangrel.  After being the faces of the tag team division for about three years, the duo split, and Edge went on to forge his path as a singles star.  Along the way he helped bring attention to ladder matches in the WWE and pro wrestling as a whole.  After the split, Edge would tread water as a face, before severely hurting his neck.  After he returned as a heel, Edge would eventually christen himself ‘The Rated R Superstar’, and became infamous for his one-night Live Sex Celebration with then girlfriend Lita.  Despite getting into some very public disputes with former friend Matt Hardy, Edge would maintain his fanbase through his heel run, amassing multiple world championship wins.  He became a staple on SmackDown in 2007 and along the way feuded with John Cena, The Undertaker and Chris Jericho  but injuries would plague his career.  By 2011 Edge would have to bow out against Alberto Del Rio in 2011 at just 37 years old due to neck issues.  Edge however will always be remembered for his great hair, iconic grin and those five second poses.

– 1x WCW World United States Championship
– 7x World Heavyweight Champion
– 4x WWE Champion
– 5x WWE Intercontinental Champion
– 2x WWE Tag Team Champion
– 12 WWE World Tag Team Cahmpion
– 2001 King of the Ring Winner
– 2005 Money in the Bank Winner
– 2010 Royal Rumble Winner


Harley Race

Known for his toughness and seriousness, the Kansas City icon rose to notability in the 60’s and 70’s but finally gained a foothold in the wrestling world in 1973.  In an upset of epic proportions, the newly named ‘Mad Dog’ Harley Race defeated Dory Funk’s 1,583 day reign to become the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion for the first time in his career.  He’d drop it to Jack Brisco not two monthos later, and wouldn’t hold the belt again until 1977 where Race took on Dory’s brother Terry Funk, a long time rival of Race and defeated Funk for the belt.  This started a 926 day reign that would see Race help elevate the stature of the National Wrestling Alliance.  He’d take the belt around the world, and feuded with the biggest names in wrestling.  From Dory and Terry  Funk, to Japanese legend Giant Baba, and back to Hall of Fame inductee Dusty Rhodes.  He was the promotion’s best wrestler and biggest draw until 1986, when he’d depart the NWA after 1,799 days as NWA champion (third all time).  He’d sign with the then WWF where he was managed by Bobby Heenan.   He’d win the second ever King of the Ring tournament, and would be dubbed King Harley Race.  Not too long after leaving the WWF after a lackluster run, Race would return to the region he once dominated as NWA World Champion; but the promotion was now called World Championship Wrestling.  He’d serve as a manager for Big Van Vader for several years, until a car accident made it hard for him to get around.  The last notable stop on his career was part of the NWA Championship Committee that resided within TNA Wrestling at the time.   His legacy as a tough man in wrestling is well secured.

– 7x NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion
– 1x NWA United States Champion
– 1986 WWF King of the Ring Winner.
– 2007 WWE Hall of Famer
– 2005 NWA Hall of Famer


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

The Rock became one of the most known pro wrestlers in the world in the late 90’s thanks to his charisma, sharp look and almost Elvis like levels of natural coolness.  This all after he nearly got booed out of the WWF after a disastrous first few years in the company.  The grandson of High Chief Peter Maivia and the son of ‘Soulman’ Rocky Johnson, The Rock turned to pro wrestling after his fledgling pro football career couldn’t get off the ground. An All American level player, Rock went to the University of Miami and played some of the best teams in program history, yet injuries kept him from getting looked at seriously for the NFL.  A few years into his WWF career and The Rock was a rising star alongside future longtime rival Triple H.  The two finally broke out in the summer of 1998, as the men battled for the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam 1998 in a ladder match.  The two would then collide again throughout 1999 and 2000; this time over the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.  While Stone Cold Steve Austin was hurt, Mick Foley went into early retirement; others like The Undertaker were just not in great shape and several others like Kurt Angle just weren’t ready to carry the load of the company.  So Rock and HHH became the standard bearers.  Throughout that run from 1999-2003, Rock main evented three WrestleManias, and arguably should have closed another two.  He’d leave wrestling full time in 2003, but has come back every now and again to host shows, wrestle and just to have fun.  He’s semi-retired and one of Hollywood’s biggest names, having starred in films like Walking Tall, Doom, the Fast and Furious Franchise and the upcoming Black Adam films.

– 2x WCW World Heavyweight Champion
– 8x WWE Heavyweight Champion
– 2x WWE Intercontinental Champion
– 5x WWE World Tag Team Champion


Jacqueline Moore

Jacqueline Moore, or Miss Jackie to WWE fans, started her career in 1988, and eventually found her way to the United States Wrestling Association.   During that time she’d work for the WWF on a limited basis, while spending time in Smokey Mountain Wrestling as well. She’d eventually get to the WCW to serve as Kevin Sullivan’s new aid, and garnered attention for her strength and ability to slam male competitors for Sullivan.  During her time with WCW she’d get a feud with Disco Inferno that lead to her defeating him at Halloween Havoc 1997.  She’d return to the WWF in 1998 and began a feud with Sable for the WWF Women’s Championship.   She won the reactivated belt in September before dropping it to Sable.  She’d have a second run with the belt in 2000, but ultimately lost it to Stephanie McMahon.  She would be in various storylines and feuds until 2004 when Moore defeated Chavo Guerrero for the WWE Cruiserweight Champoinship.  She would however be released soon after.  She found new life in 2007 though, as she was signed by then TNA to serve as manager for James Storm.  Moore had a short stint with the promotion at the end of 2004 but was back as a manager now.  During her time as Storm’s and eventually his tag team Beer Money’s manager, she’d compete in the fledgling Knockouts Division, helping give credibility to the brand.  Her tenure would end in 2009 but she’d return a few more times throughout the years for various reasons.  She’s remembered fondly alongside the likes of Ivory of being one of the few women during the Attitude Era that could actually wrestle.  She became a staple in two different major companies and will be remembered fondly for all for a long time to come.

– 14x USWA Women’s Champion
– 2x WWF Women’s Champion
– 2016 WWE Hall of Famer


Jim Ross

Jim Ross is to many as big of a name as it gets in pro wrestling announcing history.  Considered the best ever, or one of them alongside the likes of Gordon Solie, Gorilla Monsoon, and Mike Tenay, Ross has worked for just about every major wrestling promotion in his career.  He got started with Mid-South Wrestling in the 70’s, before making his way to what would become the WCW in the late 80’s.  He would then get tapped to come into the WWE in 1993 where he’d spend the majority of the next 14 years of his career. He’d serve as the voice of RAW for about a decade, before anchoring SmackDown and opening the door for Michael Cole to take over.  He’d leave in 2013, and would start working with New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2015; calling several major shows, while working alongside Josh Barnett for AXS’s American weekly show.  He’s now joined up with All Elite Wrestling and will serve as a commentator and Senior Advisor.  He’s dabbled in boxing, MMA and other outlets, but mostly he’s known these days for his Bar-B-Q sauce and his The Jim Ross Report podcast for Westwood One.

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