WrestleCorp Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Andre the Giant

Andre is known as the 8th wonder of the world for good reason. His drawing power alone in his career is Hall of Fame worthy. He worked for the WWE and NJPW (among others) during the course of his career. He’s often cited as the best working big man of all time, and despite coming at the tail end of his career, worked one of the biggest matches of all time against Hulk Hogan. That one match did more to define WrestleMania than any other of that era.

– 1x WWE Heavyweight Champion (disputed)
– 1x WWE Tag Team Champion with Haku
– WWE Hall of Famer
– 1x Winner of NJPW’s International Wrestling Grand Prix (Now called G1 Climax)
– 1x Winner of NJPW’s MSG Tag League Winner with Rene Goulet (Now called World Tag League)
– 1x Winner of AJPW’s World Strongest Tag Determination League with Giant Baba



Bull Nakano

The legendary women’s wrestler didn’t just define women’s wrestling in Japan, but also in the states with her legendary feud with Madusa. She’s considered the greatest women’s wrestler by many to ever come out of Japan and that respect was shown when she co-main evented the Big Egg Wrestling event against Madusa in front of 32,000+. She retired in the late 90’s due to injury and transitioned into golf.

– 1x AJW Championship
– 1x AJW Junior Championship
– 1x AJW All Pacific Championship
– 1x AJW WWWA World Tag Team Champion with Dump Matsumoto, Condor Saito, and Grizzly Iwamoto
– 1x Japan Grand Prix
– 1x CMLL Women’s Champion
– 1x WWE Women’s Champion



Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes is viewed by many as the man who lead Jim Crockett Promotions into the WCW. His rivalry with Ric Flair lasted for decades, even into 2001, and helped not only define Flair and his career, but also the Starrcade event and WCW as a whole. The multi world champion was known for his legendary promo skills, including the iconic ‘Hard Times’ promo. To add to his legacy, both of his sons are hall of famers in their own right, and his daughter-in-law is working hard to earn his name every day.

– 3x NWA World Heavyweight Champion
– 1x NWA United States Champion
– 3x NWA Television Champion
– 2x NWA World Tag Team Champion with Dick Slater and Manny Ferandez
– 2x NWA World Six Man Tag Team Champion with the Road Warriors
– 1x Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournament winner with Nikita Koloff.
– Hall of Famer for the WCW, WWE, and Pro Wrestling Observer



Randy Savage

Known for his signature “oooh yeah!” and his iconic Slim Jim advertising, Savage is also known as the most adaptable wrestler of the 80’s. Savage is lauded for his ability to have great matches with any wrestler of any skill set, without straying too far from his core gimmick. The iconic voice and outlandish style lead to a career that only is rivaled by Hulk Hogan in regards to popularity. Stole the show with Ricky Steamboat from Hulk Hogan and Andre at WrestleMania III. He joins the other three men as Hall of Famers.

– 6x WWE/WCW World Heavyweight Champion
– 1x WWE Intercontinental Champions
– 1x Winner of the King of the Ring Tournament
– 1x Winner of the World War 3 Battle Royal



Ric Flair

Referred to many as the greatest of all time, Flair’s iconic career ran through most major promotions, where he established his work ethic on a nightly basis. While known for the Four Horsemen and his hard partying lifestyle, his conditioning is beyond legendary as stories of his night after night 60 minute matches have made him an icon. Flair carried the WCW on his back with Dusty Rhodes and Sting, before trying the same in WWE. Both his kids, David and Charlotte Flair have carried on his legacy admirably.

– 16x WCW/WWE World Heavyweight Champion
– First 2x WWE Hall of Famer in history
– 3x WWE World Tag Team Champion with Batista, and Roddy Piper
– NWA Hall of Famer



Paul Bearer

First known nation wide for his pairing with The Undertaker, Bearer became a legendary manager more known for his old school horror movie vibes. While his run with the WWE never saw him too far away from the Undertaker, Bearer did manage Kane and Mankind to success as well. In his later years he showed up in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood where he helped IMPACT Wrestling’s Brian Cage and Eli Drake raise their game.

– WWE Hall of Famer

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