Important Podcast News For Future Shows

As announced tonight on SportsCorp, there is a reshuffling of sorts on the podcast front, here on As our former name used to suggest (Lords of Evolution), we are constantly evolving and adapting to fit the situation at hand. It is because of that mantra that I believe it is time to shake some things up, and beyond then just the cosmetics of such.

Starting tonight at 10 p.m. EST, the Tuesday show that records live on, before getting uploaded to YouTube will now officially be named WrestleCorp. But, you ask, isn’t there already a WrestleCorp? Yes, but no. That’s one of the new changes, as the Wednesday show will now take the moniker of the NerdCorp Podcast.

“But isn’t the Twitch show called that?” Yes, but no. As the weekend Twitch podcast will now be named “Oh, Hi! Oh, Guys” podcast and will feature Alex Swisher and myself still in the same roles.

In fact, all of days will retain the same set of people. Marcus and myself will still do the Tuesday show, while Zach and myself will still do the Wednesday show. The only difference really is the Wednesday show now becomes more of a variety show, as it was intended to be, and less focused on anyone topic. The WrestleCorp show was the flagship show, and I believe it will find success on YouTube.

As for the new Wednesday show, NerdCorp Podcast, it now becomes the flagship show of our site, while WrestleCorp becomes our driving force on YouTube.

Monday’s SportsCorp, Thursday’s ComicCorp and Saturday’s GameCorp podcasts remain the same.

Here is the updated schedule.

All shows are live on at the designated times listed, unless otherwise stated.

Monday at 10 p.m. EST
– SportsCorp Podcast

Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST
– WrestleCorp (then uploaded to

Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST
– NerdCorp Podcast

Thursday at 10 p.m. EST
– ComicCorp Podcast

Friday at 9 (usually) p.m. EST
– Oh, Hi! Oh, Guys. Podcast (live on Twitch.TV/RealNerdCorp)

Saturday at ???
– GameCorp (recorded previously in the week and uploaded on Saturday).