WWE Interested in Top IMPACT Name? CW Picks Up Spin-Off Series and More! – Friday Night Round Up Superpost

WWE Interested in IMPACT Star? – We know that Lashley and EC3 are up for renewal, and it’s expected to be a long shot that both will return. However, Dave Meltzer is reporting that the WWE has interest in a third IMPACT Wrestling talent, Eddie Edwards. The report does not say Edwards is interested in leaving, only that the WWE and ROH have interest in bringing the star back to their respective companies.

Alita Battle Angel Trailer Debuts – The new film starring Rosa Salazar has a brand new debut trailer. The film focus’ on a cyborg with a special quality that everyone seems to want to some degree. The film is directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Supernatual Spin Off Coming – The spinoff for “Supernatural” is getting a shot. The backdoor pilot last year, “Wayward Sisters”, got picked up by CW. The series debuts in 2018 on January 18th and the new cast will be debuted in “Sueprnatural’s” episode, “Wayward Sisters”.

Quick Hits – Sting cites his Empty Arena Match with Kurt Angle in 2009 as his favorite TNA/IMPACT match of his career. WWE has sined their first Kuwait-born wrestler in Nasser Alruwayeh. The word going around is the WWE is attempting to get as many “firsts” as possible. Mads Mikkelsen wants to play a grizzled, older Spider-Man character. Stranger Things may not return until 2019. Fox and Disney are at the “Fine Print” stages of their negotiations.