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Jerry Lawler Dismisses Sexual Harassment – Jerry “The King” Lawler, who met his ex-wife Stacy ‘The Kat’ Carter when she was just 18, and he was 40, but he doesn’t get the big deal with all these sexual harassment accusations.

Remember that time Lawler was accused of raping a 15 year old girl in 1993 and was even indicted on the charges? Well Lawler seems to, because he’s worried she’ll speak out apparently because here he is talking about past mistakes coming back to haunt him, saying;

It’s so crazy. This is my view. It appears that eventually anybody that’s ever flirted with anybody or had any kind of sexual contact with anybody is, all of a sudden, you could potentially be a target in the future.

When his co-host pointed out that some of these accusations involved people being drugged and raped; Lawler reportedly laughed, before saying;

I’ve seen pictures in the past of wrestlers, I’m not gonna say who or whatever, this was guys, but as a joke or a prank, a wrestler falls asleep, and another guy comes over and says ‘take a picture of this’ and he takes his genitals out and puts it near the guy’s face. It’s a prank and it’s done in jest, but it’s like a college kid’s prank. I’ve seen that done before.

Lawler seems to think dropping a penis on someone’s face is nothing more than a prank; where I come from that’s sexual assault. I’d stab someone in their inner thigh if they did that to me. But I digress, and let’s return focus on Lawler, who is dating someone who’s 28. Lawler is 68. He goes on to say that getting raped while drug just doen’t happen, saying;

Pfftbt. I don’t know. I’ve never heard of anything like that happening before. But gosh, the times have just changed so much. Good grief. I remember the stuff at commentary, things that we would be able to get away with saying, that nowadays, god, people’s heads would explode. Could you imagine going out and saying, get ready, tonight, we’ve got a bra and panties match. That used to be the highlight of a show. A bra and panties match.

A bra and panties match. The highlight of the show. It wouldn’t be the highlight of one of Candice Michelle’s soft-core movies, let alone an episode of RAW. He continues to not shut up, saying;

Good grief, we’ve gone so far now we can’t even refer to them as divas. The women have to be treated the same as the men. I don’t know. That’s just the way times have changed.

IMPACT Brings in New Executive Team – In a strong sign of things for IMPACT Wrestling, it was announced earlier today that Ed Nordholm has promoted Scott D’Amore to the position of co-Executive Vice President. Joining him will be Don Callis, who will remain with NJPW as a color-commentator. The duo will work with Nordholm to guide IMPACT Wrestling into the future. It should not be overlooked that Callis, is also Canadian, much like the other two. This is a strong indication I’m told that IMPACT will strongly go after the Canadian market in 2018. Here’s the official press release;

IMPACT Wrestling Hires Senior Executive Team

TORONTO – Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions LLC, a subsidiary of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp.and parent company of IMPACT Wrestling, announced today that Don Callis and Scott D’Amore have joined the company as Executive Vice Presidents. Reporting to Ed Nordholm, President of the Company, they will form a 3-member Executive Committee with overall responsibility for developing the creative direction for the Company and managing the execution of the Company’s business plan.

Don Callis has built a critically acclaimed 15-year career in the wrestling business as a performer, color commentator and writer for WWF, ECW and TNA. After retiring from wrestling in 2004, he obtained an MBA and established another successful career in international business. Callis recently returned to the world he loves and is now the color commentator for New Japan Pro-Wrestling (a role that he will retain) and co-hosts the hit podcast “Killing the Town” on The Jericho Network.

Scott D’Amore has held just about every position in the wrestling industry, including performer, trainer, promoter, writer and producer. D’Amore is an IMPACT Wrestling original, having been with the company from its early days in the Asylum until his departure in 2010. In his time away from the organization, D’Amore applied his entrepreneurial spirit to transform The D’Amore Group from a family-run construction company into a multi-faceted real estate development company. He has kept his hand in the industry, running Border City Wrestling in Windsor in collaboration with the Entertainment Technology program at St. Clair College. He also owns and operates Can-Am Wrestling, a successful professional wrestling training facility that has produced numerous top talents in the wrestling industry today.

“I am excited that Don and Scott have made this commitment to the Company,” said Ed Nordholm, president of Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions, LLC. “The 50 years of experience and success in the wrestling industry brought by Don and Scott, combined with the global media, marketing, sales and financial expertise of Anthem, provide the management depth and expertise that will propel IMPACT Wrestling to greater success as we continue to expand our footprint, embrace digital opportunities and grow the brand.”

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More IMPACT News – With the changes at the top, you can expect some other changes to transpire. John Gaburick will be leaving the company after the first of the year, as will Dutch Mantel. Sonjay Dutt will remain with the company, and despite not getting one of the two slots given out today, his position in the company is secured. Jeremy Borash, Jimmy Jacobs, Gail Kim and Abyss are going to be producers going forward and will have a hand in creative direction. Ultimately D’Amore and Callis will have near final say, with Nordholm stepping in from time to time to be ultimate decision maker. Bob Ryder is still with the company but will work from home going forward.

As of right now, the plan for 2018 is to pull back from 10 week tapings, to a more monthly base, going 4-5 weeks at a time instead. TV will be split between Canada and United States, with them looking at Windsor, Ontario and Orlando, Florida at the IMPACT Zone. Some smaller venues will be used for house shows as well, as long as they’re cost effective.

Quick Hits – Stephen Amell wants to bring Cody Rhodes and the Bullet Club to “Arrow”. Dave Meltzer is reporting that Daniel Bryans is not cleared to return to the ring. During Rob Van Dam’s attempt to pay less support to his ex wife Sonya, RVD revealed that he suffered a concussion that caused visual impairment and has disqualified him for ever working for the WWE ever again. Samoa Joe tweeted out a photo of the set for Tribute to the Troops, and it’s pretty awesome.