WWE Negotiating With New Networks? MST3K Renewed? and More! – NerdCorp News

WWE Negotiations – The Sports Business Journal posted a story talking about UFC negotiating with other networks other than Fox for their next deal. Apparently this has opened up discussions with Fox and WWE. The talks took place over the past summer, and were only one of a few. Apparently Disney, CBS, Amazon and YouTube have also had talks with the WWE. The WWE has also talked with Oath as well. This was to showcase their brand appeal, obviously. The NBC Universal deal is expiring soon, and right now they are exclusive with them at the moment.

The Amazon and YouTube deals would not preclude them from working with the cable networks as well. Also, no WWE wouldn’t be on Disney Channel or ABC, but more likely on ESPN2 or Freeform. CBS is an odd choice, as the only two networks that would make sense for the WWE, The CW and Pop (IMPACT’s home), aren’t owned exclusively by CBS and would need some work to get them on those networks.

Fox seems possible, with not only Fox, but FX, FXX and Fox Sports 1 all being perfect homes for the WWE but with the looming interest by both Sony and Disney with Fox’s IP, that would put WWE’s deal in limbo at least. While Fox would retain Fox Sports, would that be a big enough platform for the WWE? Who knows.

Netflix Renews MST3K – While it wasn’t that great, and the new host is…meh, it’s good to see a new era of fans watching Mystery Science Theater. So when news broke yesterday that Netflix has renewed the show, some were probably really happy about that.

Quick Hits – Madison Rayne is returning next week for the Knockouts Championship Tournament. The Dish Network has resolved their issues with CBS and Pop TV is available once again. X-Men Dark Phoenix may kill off a major character according to The Hashtag Show.