DC Crossover Adds Two More Villains, Kevin Smith Weighs in on “Justice League” and More! – ComicCorp News

DC TV Crossover Ads Two More Villains – DC’s Crisis on Earth X is bringing in two major names for the Crisis on Earth X crossover. Joining the Nazi inspired Reverse Flash, Arrow and Supergirl will be The Red Tornado and Metallo.

Mark Miller Announces new “Hit-Girl” Series – Mark Millar has announced an ew monthly series featuring Hit-Girl. The series will feature her traveling the world, going from country to country and helping out those in need. Here’s the description;

HIT-GIRL IS BACK! The pint-sized Punisher-meets-Polly-Pocket has left America behind and set off to serve justice around the world. First stop: Colombia. A mother seeking vengeance for the murder of her child enlists Hit-Girl to destroy his killer, but Mindy has bigger plans for Colombia’s most-feared hitman.

Kevin Smith Weighs in on “Justice League” – Kevin Smith is known for his comedies, his comic writing and his directing of comic book t.v. properties; most notably “The Flash”. Smith, who’s a major comics fan, recently commented on “Justice League” and despite the lukewarm reaction to the film, spoke glowingly of the film saying;

I saw Justice League twice already,” Smith said. “I liked it. I liked it. There’s stuff in it that I really dug, stuff that I was happy, I mean it’s weird this is like, I’m not going to review the movie and stuff, but these are moments that f*** made my heart soar.

Quick Hits – The Walking Dead has dropped nearly 4 million viewers since the premiere of the 8th season. Henry Cavill thanks fans for Justice League. The Incredibles teaser trailer is the 7th highest viewed trailer of all time, with 113 million viewers, according to Entertainment Weekly. Here’s a special treat for you Justice League fans.