RAW Ratings Up, IMPACT Continues Clearing Up Roster, and More! – WrestleCorp News

RAW Ratings Up – RAW’s rating is finally back over three million with a 3.031 viewers for the week. The show did still suffer a fifteen percent drop from the first to third hour; again showing that no one gives a damn about the third hour. Since May, the show has only been over 3 million ten times, including this week.

Opinion: Hey, maybe just make the third hour a women’s “show” or have 205Live film then? Just a thought.

IMPACT Wrestling Continues Overhaul – Alisha Edwards, who was never officially part of the company, Swoggle (Hornswoggle), Crimson, Jax Dane and Mahabali Shera have all been let go by the company. While Dane is a good hand, and Alisha worked well; the rest aren’t losses at all.

Credible Credits WWE – Justin Credible is giving praise to the WWE on his official Twitter account @PJPolaco. Credible cites the WWE Wellness Policy for his recovery and sobriety. He’s also teasing another run in 2018 to “redeem” himself in the eyes of fans and his peers.

Quick Hits – Charlotte Flair wins her sixth Women’s Championship on SmackDown today. Daniel Bryan thinks there’s only a twenty percent chance he gets cleared by the WWE and an eighty-five percent chance overall to wrestle again. There’s word of a midcard RAW vs. Smackdown match being added to the pre-show.

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