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Marvel Acquiring Fox? – Fox is looking at selling off it’s t.v. and film properties to Disney according to various reports. That would mean that yes, X-Men, and Fantastic Four would be re-acquired by the Disney Company. But it also means that any other t.v. and film properties they own would be included in the deal as well. However, the Fox Channel, Fox Sports 1, and Fox News will not be part of the deal, this is strictly t.v. and film properties and assets. The deal is in the works, but no new ground has been made as of yet.

Shazam! Finds It’s Billy Batson – The house of mouse is losing an actor to DC, as Asher Angel from “Andi Mack” will star co-star with Zachary Levi to play the duo of Billy Batson and Shazam. Shazam is the older version of Batson, who uses magic to transform himself from a child to an adult. He joins Levi, Mark Strong and Grace Fulton as those known to be casted.

Major Character Done With DC TV? – Wentworth Miller has just finished up his time as a member of the “Arrowverse” with this most recent crossover for “Crisis on Earth X”. The character was a big player on the first season of “The Flash” before becoming a main player on “Legends of Tomorrow” for the first season, before returning as a villain for the second season. Miller posted about his departure on his Instagram account, which you can see below.

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DC TV Unveils First Trailer – The Trailer for the Earth X crossover has been unveiled, and it features Green Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, White Canary and….Alex Danvers(?) doing their heroic strut.

Quick Hits – “Nightwing” director stated he hasn’t started looking for Nightwing, as of yet. Jessica Chastain would love to play Beverly Marsh in “IT 2”. Ryan Reynolds posts on Twitter that he’s curious how a Disney owned Deadpool would change. “Venom” is going to debut in his own movie with the “Lethal Protector” storyline.