Is BFG Sold Out? SmackDown’s Huge Ratings Drop and More! – WrestleCorp News

(*Editors Note: I’d like to apologize for the lack of content over the last three days. I’ve had a really awful bout of food poisoning that I’m still recovering from, and honestly juts haven’t had the energy or desire to write that much or record shows. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have recuperated enough to record ComicCorp and GameCorp, as well as my Making an IMPACT recap. Thanks for the patience and for you all; here’s two deep deep columns to get into.*)

Bound for Glory Sales – Tickets for the TD Place in Ottawa are sold out, for what I’m told is the second time. Bound for Glory airs Sunday and apparently not only sold it’s original batch of tickets, but also a late release. There’s talks of one more late round, but that seems unlikely at this juncture; but we’ll see. The next days are still available but not at great quantity. I’m told that much like the companies first foray into the Manhattan Center, the last two days or so are the most available still.

SmackDown Ratings Down – SmackDown suffered a massive drop off from 2.699 to 2.119, a drop of 21.5%. While the show took place on Halloween, so did the 2014 edition, and that only saw a drop of 2.9%. In comparison Raw only dropped from 2.953 to 2.854 million viewers this week.

Why Taryn Terrell Was Let Go – According to Dave Meltzer, Taryn Terrell was let go from her IMPACT obligations due to past legal issues that conflicted with her entry into Canada. Terrell was arrested back in 2010 after assaulting her then husband Drew McIntyre (Galloway) and seemingly, the assault charges stuck and that’s what’s keeping her out. No word on if there’s anything else at the moment. Terrell is expected back with the company some time down the road, just not any time soon. IMPACT has six days of tapigs in Ottawa over the next week, and there are talks of doing a few tours of Canada in the house show loop.

Emma Update – Justin Barrasso is being fed some nonsense. After butting heads so to speak over why Nia Jax was off t.v. (he claims she walked out, Meltzer claims back injury), Barrasso is at it again. This time with Emma. Emma was released over the weekend with Darren Young and Summer Rae but unlike the other two, Emma, according to Barrasso, was not let go for budgetary reasons. Apparently she angered some in management over her creative, and spoke about it on Twitter. Her release, again-according to Barrasso, was done to send a statement to the WWE Women’s locker room that they’re replaceable


Quick Hits – William Regal confirmed that WarGames will be a double ring main event. Enzo Amore will take on Kalisto at Survivor Series 2017, instead of the Cruiserweight 5 on 5. Carmella seems to believe she’s owed stuff from Hooters management. The Rock has claimed he wants to face Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns if he were to return to the ring.