‘Justice League 2’ Already in Production? Why Kevin Owens Left Tour and More! – W.C. and C.C. Mega Post

Justice League 2 in the Works? – Despite rumors to the contrary, a second “Justice League” film is apparently already being developed. J.K. Simmons recently revealed that DC and the WB has several scripts ready to go, and that includes a Justice League sequel. He’s quoted as saying;

Well, Commissioner Gordon wears a trench coat in every scene, so I don’t know that the ‘pumped up’ part is going to be all that evident, especially when you’re standing next to Batman! But this is the first Justice League movie – we hope – of a few. They’re working on scripts for The Batman and for the next Justice League movie. It introduces my incarnation of Commissioner Gordon. I don’t have a lot to do. I feel like I just dipped my toe in the water of who Commissioner Gordon will be.

He also went on to speak very highly about the role of Jim Gordon, saying;

That’s an iconic thing, and obviously there are some very big shoes that I’m attempting to step into. Some really, really wonderful actors have played that part before. It’s like all of a sudden everyone in London is doing Hamlet. Now it’s my turn to be Gordon.

Why Did Kevin Owens Leave the Tour? – We reported last night that Kevin Owens did not leave the tour due to an illness, but rather a family situation that required his attention. With the stomach flu going around on SmackDown and the mumps going around on RAW, Owens took to Twitter to reaffirm why he left the tour, but rightfully, didn’t include the specifics.

New DC Show In Development – With all of the DC Characters out there, it’s odd to see this one in development. Apparently Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman are working with the CW to develop a series called “Traci Thirteen”. The character is known for her magical ability and is one of the much much much more minor characters in the DC Cannon. The series isn’t expected to be apart of the DC Arrowverse, or won’t be part of the crossovers at least. The series hasn’t even shot the pilot yet, and we’re at least a good six months before we get any news on CW picking this up.

Opinion: The idea must be something along the lines of developing not just a new t.v. property that doesn’t limit their creative ideas, but will also (if successful) create a new comic property. So it makes sense for the risk factor, but still, it’s a long shot.

Quick Hits – The Miz and Maryse are expecting a girl. “Aquaman” has finished it’s principal filming for the upcoming film, set for a release next year. Former Tough Enough competitor Mada Abdelhamid will apparently be appearing in “Aquaman” as some sort of playboy party character, which is expected to be a minor role. IMPACT Wrestling have revealed what their signature pizza’s will be during their time in Ontario for Bound for Glory and the other days of tapings.

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