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Neville’s Walk Out Update – I don’t trust the source, that should be 100 percent clear before I get into it. is reporting that Neville has apparently been unhappy since January, and has hated life on the road. It was also also cited a ‘lack of payoff’s, but that is an issue for most talent these days. The story also looks at Aries claiming he’ll make more on the indies in six weeks on the indies than Neville will in the same time frame. Neville’s departure came after Aries’ comment, so either this was news that was out there prior, or the reporter is trying to draw a connection of sorts.

Opinion: Sports Illustrated does’t have a great history of things, and are often unsubstantiated with the biggest names in the industry. So take some of this with a grain of salt.

SmackDown Ratings – Where’s your excuses now? The WWE has dropped again in the ratings. SmackDown dropped six percent this week, from 2.467 to 2.320 million viewers. This is the lowest number since mid-June. It also follows the trend on RAW, who lost around the same amount. As with SmackDown, the rating’s for RAW hadn’t been that bad since mid-June as well.

Nia Jax Update – Despite claims of her walking out, that’s not the case. Nia had requested personal time off from the WWE some time ago hence why Alicia Fox is feuding with Sasha Banks. Her sabbatical will not only affect RAW, but it’ll also affect the show, Total Diva’s. There was two days that Nia was set for filming on the fake reality series, but she’ll miss that as well.

Quick Hits – Jim Cornette claims that the WWE hasn’t used WarGames before because Vince hates the idea of duel rings. Brie Bella is working towards a comeback that would last for a good deal of 2018, before going on maternity leave again.

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