‘Inhumans’ Ratings Plummet, ‘Titan’ News, and More! – ComicCorp News

“Inhumans” Ratings – The show did not debut strongly, rolling out 3.8 million viewers. By the second week, they dropped 22% to 2.8 million viewers. Now we’re down to a 2.3 million. For the key demo, 18-49, they went from .9 to .6. The series has been struggling since the negative reviews rolled in after the IMAX screenings, however it should be noted that it started with the trailer. The terrible costumes, and nonsense special effects, really weighed on the fans and caused mass criticism. Considering Black Bolt’s current standing in the Marvel Comics, this is seen as a huge failure and there’s no way this gets a second season. I can’t even see how they rehab the character for any crossovers.

"Titans" News – “Fringe” director Brad Armstrong has been tapped to film the upcoming pilot for “Titans”. This comes alongside the news that Anna Diop, Starfire, was undergoing the process of VFX for the show. She released a video of her getting scanned for the special effects, and it’s kind of horrifying. She sits in this alien like pod as cameras and bulbs go off recording her. It’s…umm….unsettling.

Quick Hits – “Veep” actor Reid Scott is said to have a minor roll in the upcoming “Venom” film. Karl Urban needs Rebellion to write Judge Dredd’s character with a strong purpose and function for him to return to the roll. Geoff Johns has been recording “Doomsday Clock” notes in a Rorschach style journal.