Major Sequel Happening, ‘Riverdale’ Breaks Mark and More! – ComicCorp News

Gambit Gets Release Date – It appears as thought “Gambit” is happening after all. The folks at 20th Century Fox have green light “Gambit” for Valentine’s Day 2019. Gore Verbinski is currently in talks to helm the film. As of right now, Channing Tatum is still attached.

“Beetlejuice 2” Happening? – Deadline is reporting that “Beetlejuice 2” is happening after all. Warner Bros. is apparently to move forward with the long awaited sequel. Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder have both stated that they’re open to returning to the project. It appears that Tim Burton is also excited for the shot at a sequel as well.

Riverdale Ratings High – Riverdale apparently is a hit. Despite low ratings last year, the hype of it and the combination with it airing on Netflix, allowed the second season to score 2.3 million viewers. This is an increase from last year, significantly so. The show was routinely below a million viewers last season.

Quick Hits – Erik Davis tweeted out that the Infinity War trailer will debut before the end of the year, according to Kevin Feige. Feige claims the reason people haven’t heard about phase four yet is due to the fact there’s still a lot of phase 3 films to get through first. X-Files creator wants Robert Patrick back for Season 11.