New Villain for Flash Season 4, ‘Shazam!’ Casting Taking Shape and More! – ComicCorp News

New Sub Villain For Season 4 of The Flash? – Showrunner Todd Helbing revealed today that The Flash will have to take on alien-techno-villain, Killg%re this season. This year really seems to focus on The Thinker and his technological capabilities, so possibly Killg%re might be the physical component against The Flash. The character’s inclusion is fitting, as he was a Wally West villain, and with Wally taking over the reigns as The Flash to start the season, that may set things up for the seasons events.

Shazam! Casting Details – Freddy Freeman is going to be in the film. We know that. So is Billy Batson, duh. But now we have more tidbits. The Hashtag show is claiming that Warner Bros. is searching for actors to take on roles for Billy’s friends. Some of which you might recognize.

[DANIEL]11, Korean. Daniel is a smart kid, into video games and reading non-fiction. SUPPORTING

[CARLOS]15, Hispanic, overweight, with asthma. Carlos is very shy and sweet. SUPPORTING

[SUZY]8-10, African American. A sweet, bubbly girl with glasses and pigtails. SUPPORTING

The three obviously sound like Eugene Choi, Pedro Pena and Darla Dudley, who were all introduced by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank during the New 52 relaunch in the pages of “Justice League”. No word yet on Mary Marvel though being cast.

Quick Hits – Mark Ruffalo says “Thor 3”, “Avengers 3” and “Avengers 4” will focus heavily on a unique Hulk storyline. Probably his death. Adrianne Palicki says she’d absolutely do a cameo for “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

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