Conor McGregor at WrestleMania? RAW Rating Down or Up? And More! – WrestleCorp News

McGregorMania? – Conor McGregor is going to the WWE!…..if you believe the UK tabloid, “The Sun”. I don’t. Never have, never will. However they claim that McGreor is in the process of finalizing a WWE deal that would see him compete at WrestleMania 34….ONE PROBLEM….he’s under contract with Dana White, and White has never allowed a UFC contracted fighter to wrestle in any MMA promotion. Ever. So who am I going to believe? A rag that gets used weekly, or a promoter who’s super paranoid of his top draw getting hurt in something White looks down on. Sure, sure.

House of Hardcore Lands TV Deal – Kinda, sorta. Dreamer has officially inked a deal with Twitch.TV to bring House of Hardcore over to the platform in a weekly series. They’ll be airing live streams of many of their events so far, plus a yet to be made t.v. series. The plan is to release a House of Hardcore TV show, which will see HOH become more storyline based, and less about major stars carrying the house shows.

RAW Ratings – This weeks RAW went from a 2.773, to a 2.871 this week, thanks in part to the reunion of The Shield, that was teased last week. Monday Night Football again was down from the week before, thus killing the argument “RAW can’t do well against MNF” once and for all.

Quick Hits – Benjamin and Gable are taking on the New Day for the #1 Contendership for the SmackDown tag team titles. Nakamura and Orton are teaming up for the first time ever, I believe. Also, and finally, the Global Wrestling Network has officially launched. I’ve made a video that’ll look at the platform and service a bit more closely, which will be up around 7 p.m. EST.