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This is a spoiler heavy edition of ComicCorp News, please stop reading if you don’t want to know major spoilers. For the sake of the spoiler heavy edition, I’m rearranging the order of the content, and will feature the Quick Hits first. You’ve been warned.

Quick Hits: John Cena is no longer in the running for Shazam. Guillermo Del Toro wishes David Harbour luck in “Hellboy” reboot. Hulu casts Danny Glover in a supporting role for “Locke and Key”, as wel as Jack Mulhern as Tyler Locke. Geoff Johns talks Doomsday Clock
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Superman Return? – How does Superman return in the upcoming “Justice League” film? Well, since Zack Snyder was so big into comic lore, it’s not that surprising if Superman died at the hands of Doomsday, he’ll be revived at the hands of ….well…the same thing that revived him the comics. Beneath is the excerpt from the merch-sote SuperHeroStuff.com, who is listing a hat that may reveal how Superman returns in the movie. DO NOT READ BELOW IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW HOW HE RETURNS;

Our Superman Black Armor Justice League 39Thirty Fitted Hat is based on Superman’s costume post-death: A black variation of the Superman suit adorned during his time in the regeneration matrix, a Kryptonian chamber that reversed the previously lethal effects of his protracted punch-em-up with Doomsday.

DC Reveals Batman’s Proposal Answer – The biggest non-universe changing storyline from the current Rebirth arc is definitely Batman proposing to Catwoman on the roof top. It was a cliff hanger that left many wondering what exactly will her answer be. Ahead of Batman #32, we find out what Selina Kyle (aka Wonder Woman) does indeed give us an answer that’ll shake the status quo, see below for her response;

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