Was Mysterio Close to Signing with GFW? WWE Adding IMPACT and ROH to Network? And More! – WrestleCorp News

Konnan Talks Rey in IMPACT – Konnan was on the medic conference call today with IMPACT and the media and on it Konnan revealed that Rey Mysterio was in fact in talks with the company before the talks broke down.

I was definitely very heavily involved in it because I represent him. We were talking, talks broke down, and we’re trying to repair those talks. Hopefully in the future Rey may come to GFW, but that was something that was definitely in the works.

Opinion: If Konnan had any inside knowledge on a potential sale, I doubt he’d be trying to get Rey into the promotion. And Konnan seems to know all the dirt.

SmackDown Ratings – This weeks SmackDown is down from 2.754 to 2.510 million, which is a drop of 8.6 percent. This follows a Monday of bad ratings, and a week of bad houses in one of WWE’s biggest markets. It should also be known, that despite the fact the third quarter for WWE is usually a down for the WWE, the year as a whole has been down for the WWE and a bad third quarter could put them in the red for the quarter; if not a year. Which isn’t hard to imagine considering they were barely breaking even in the second quarter.

WWE Network Suggestions – The WWE sent out a survey that asked fans what they’d like to see on the network moving forward (for more than your standard subscription). The suggestions are;
– A network TV 14 ECW revival, that would be “…edgy”.
– Broadcasting select house shows
– Broadcasting historic and new programming from Ring of Honor, Wrestling, PROGRESS, New Japan Pro Wrestling, ICW
– Legends House season 2
– A “Tough Enough” style reality series, where contestants compete for WWE job.
– New tournaments, (WWE vs. NXT, Lucha libre, tag team, region tournaments, King/Queens of the ring).
– “Cribs” style reality series
– Reality series about life on the road
– WWE Stars training and workouts
– Special events from unique locations
– Directors Cut, WWE Legends provide alternative commentary on history events
– Superstar roasts
– Southpaw Regional Wrestling
– Audio exclusive programming, podcasts, sports-styles call in show, music
– Wrestling themed dramas
*These would potentially raise the cost to twenty dollars a month

Quick Hits – Jerry Lawler confirms that the WWE is running the Starrcade event against WrestleCade due to the similarities in name and the region. Adam Blampied, Sam Driver, Adam Pacitti and Ross Tweddell have formed Cultaholics with Blampied being named Head of Creative, Driver is now Head of Production, Pacitti is the Managing Director and Tweddell is Editor-in-Chief. The four, along with Jack The Jobber, left the group late Monday night.